Have you guys seen how much PMR 30's are selling for?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Two Guns, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Two Guns

    Two Guns VIP MEMBER

    A couple of days ago a kel-tec PMR30 sold for $1625 on Gunbroker. I see them all selling for more than $1000 right now. I about had a fit when I paid $469 for my Tan PMR30. What the heck is going on here?

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  3. Stupidity in action.

    posted from my stupid smart phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.

  4. carbuncle

    carbuncle is not cool.

  5. I saw those prices. I was going to get a pmr 30 last year at a gun show for $325 BNIB. But, I was like "aw if its that inexpensive I can always get one later on around town"...man oh man lol. Keep watching gunbroker, you're probably going to see one on there for $3,000 used.
  6. It's insane. I had two & sold the tan one to a nice guy who really wanted it for $550. I seem to stumble upon them all the time. Probably gonna start buying what i find & putting them on GB.
  7. I've wanted one for quite some time. Never saw one locally. The bad thing is I bought a bunch of mags for it in case I found one. Looks like I could sell those on Gunbroker for a very healthy profit right now.:wow:
  8. 12131

    12131 Monkeyboy

    Great for the sellers. Stupid buyers get exactly what they deserve.
  9. If I were you I would just hold on to the mags. Because you just may luck up and come across a sweet pmr 30. Because even if they do manage to abbra caddabra another hicap ban, you will still be able to buy the gun, just only with 10rd mags or whatever limit they decide to place on it ya know. But you will already have your hicaps.
  10. Good point.
  11. I have seen FN 57's on Armslist this week going for 3k. PMR-30's won't be far behind. The world has gone crazy if folks are paying those prices!
  12. carbuncle

    carbuncle is not cool.

    This is why I've had a bunch of regular-capacity 11-round mags for a 4006 for a couple of years: I saw a deal on them and knew I want one eventually, it takes the pressure off to buy the next one I see.
  13. Picked one up last Christmas from my LGS for 379.00,wished I had bought half a dozen.
    Actually I would like one more,I prefer guns in pairs Oh well you know what they say about hindsight. SJ 40
  14. I have found them for 3 or 4 friends. I do tend to find them fairly often. I'd be happy to keep an eye out if any of you guys want one.
  15. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Ban Democrats!!

    They are going through the roof for sure!:wow:

    I paid $460 for mine, NIB w/two mags, and then $21 each for the 12 spares.

    I bet I have $2500 laying on the kitchen floor if I were to list it on GB!:supergrin:


    I think things will settle down soon when the panic subsides.

    #14 The_Gun_Guru, Dec 27, 2012
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  16. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    That pretty much sums it up right there.

    Nothing more needs to be said!


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