Have you ever had too defend yourself with force?

Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by killersrt, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I'm a pretty big guy, so generally I don't have to actually defend myself all that often. Most people see 6'2" 200+lb. bushy eyebrows and ponytail and walk wide around. If I do see someone approaching, looking a bit too eager, I just start reaching for my knife. Generally they catch the hint and turn away by the time I've made eye contact. (Don't have a CCW permit yet. They're rather pricy here and I'm still working on getting one.)

    However once about 12 years ago I did actually have to back it up. I had the odd misfortune of picking that one day to not have a knife on me, and two redneck little punks thought they had something to prove. One pulls a knife, and I'd like to say that had he not, it would just be one more brawl, but when you bring a weapon in, I get MEAN.

    Thankfully a little combination of martial arts, and good old American fighting dirty dispatched them. I kick knifeboy right straight in the family jewels, twist the knife out of his hand and throw it away, give him a good elbow in the spleen, a chop to the throat, hip toss him on the ground and stomp a few mudholes in him for good measure before his buddy knows what's happening.

    The knifeless buddy turned out to be a bit quicker, forcing me to lock him up. Eventually after he breaks out of a chokehold I finally get him on the ground in a full nelson with my knees pinned against his back, leaving him pretty much helpless. As there were no phones, and no one around, I really didn't see a way of getting out of it. Thankfully he started begging, and at the time being a bit more softhearted than I am today, agreed to let him go. Redneck troublemakers beat a hasty retreat, I straighten my shirt and calmly continue on my way.

    I haven't really had to dirty my knuckles since. Most BGs just don't target a guy like me. Doesn't mean I don't keep my eyes open. Though It's amazing just how many of our stories involve bad guys picking the wrong person to pull a knife on.

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  2. In reality I have no recollection of ever shooting and killing someone. My dreams are a different story. Whether my dreams are an extension of real life traumatic events is another matter that I leave for dissociative amnesia experts.:)

  3. rhikdavis

    rhikdavis U.S. Veteran

    Worked at a stop n rob.....some guy got mouthy and I told him to GTFO...he noticed my .357 and said what are you going to do , shoot me...I said you ain't worth the bullet and chased him out with an axe handle.
  4. Hoonz

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  5. MrGlock21

    MrGlock21 NRA Instructor

    Wrist lock.
    And when working security, force continuum, I had to use pepper spray and stun gun. Had to pull firearm once but suspect dropped knife immediately.
  6. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    Yes. A dog attacked me. One shot was fired from the Glock 27 I was carrying at the time. There were no charges filed but it took forever for me to get my gun back.
  7. SCmasterblaster

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    not once, not even close. But the day may be coming, and I am ready with my Gen 3 G17 and its 115gr LHP +p+ loads.
  8. Thankfully, no.
  9. Did not shoot but beat a junkie with a Winchester 12 gauge as he was kicking in my door.
  10. Yes, but not against someone. In Africa, you sometimes get "somethings" that are dangerous too.
  11. No. Strange thing happens when you pull the trigger, Almost no noise is heard and the adrenaline dump had me shaking everywhere, top that with a short barreled .40 and that center mass shot went low left....into his leg. He just stopped and stared at me. He didnt know he was hit but the sound made him stop. He was about 10 yards away when i fired. Maybe 15. He was charged with unlawful use of a weapon. Get this.....she bailed him out of jail!! Then he put her in the trunk of her own car and drove 200 miles away in a drunken stupor saying he was gonna kill her. I stopped talking to her after this happened.
  12. 1966 Tuy Hoa, Vietnam was a very active place while I was there. Same kind of thing happen to me but my M-16 worked.
  13. Back in the old country, I came across a guy beating the hell out of a woman. I pulled him off and gave him a pretty thorough demonstration of what being beaten felt like.

    When I had him suitably "subdued" I called an ambulance (for the woman) and the police for the guy.

    Got a nice thank you from the police and the woman (his ex).

    A good grounding in martial arts is probably as good as a weapon in CQC.

    About 10 years later I tried to stop another guy from beating his girlfriend and came close to getting a bottle in the face from the girlfriend and had to subdue them both - no good deed remains unpunished I guess :shocked:
  14. Road Dog

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    I was about to be beaten by an irate "gentleman" that probably weighed 240 on a light day. There was no doubt about it he was intent on inflicting bodily harm. The "gentleman" got to within 6 or 7 feet of me before he noticed the G23. Without another word he abruptly left and that was fine with me.
  15. kussor

    yes, several times, and other times, I came very close to needing the gun, but didn't have one, or other times, were I not 6 ft and 200 lbs of black belt, would have needed the gun.

    U get "somethings' here, too. Every year in the US, about 1 million people are dogbitten,and more die of dog attacks than of the bears everyone seems to be so worried about.
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