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Have anyone here experienced a car/truck driver that was out to get you?

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by fnfalman, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    I understand that auto drivers don't usually look for bikers and hence accidents. But I think that there are auto drivers who are actually going out of their ways to cause you grief short of ramming you dead on.

    Last night I was coming back from dinner. It was a cloudy night but the street was fairly well lit plus there was opposite direction traffic coming toward me and some light traffic behind me. I was wearing this riding jacket so I knew was lit up like a Christmas tree.

    This car was making a right turn and it waited until I got really close to pull out. And the kicker is that the bastard pulled into my lane (left lane) instead of the right lane. So I had to hit the brakes hard. The car behind me had to swerve around to the right in order to avoid ramming me. This driver was really pissed because he pulled up to the offending car, beeping his horn and flipping the bastard off.

    I can't imagine somebody could be that ignorant. The SOB must have thought it was cute to see me braking hard or something. :soap:

    About two months ago, the same thing happened and that driver was drunk. This one didn't seem to be drunk. At the next light, I took a left and when I was pulling into the left turning lane, I eyeballed this &^^%%$# to see what's going on and the guy just sat there looking ahead. I swear I came THAT close to stopping and giving his car door the boot.

    As motorcycle riders, we have to deal with negligent drivers all the time and that's just the price one pays for two-wheelin', and I've heard stories of malicious drivers and usually I attributed them to wives' tales. But how else can you explain the above? Why do a slow turn into the far left lane? Why wait until the motorcycle gets close and then do a slow turn into the left lane?
  2. alex954


    Jan 11, 2005
    Las Vegas
    While I still lived in Cali, for my surprise drivers where very polite to me while I was riding, maybe a couple of time cars will try to go into my lane , but all it took was to rev my bike so they could notice me, then only time I found a real prick was on a group ride between 1 bike nite spot to the after hours spot, I was leading the pack and there was a car crash on the 101 near west hollywood as I slowed down I saw 3 bikers in fron of me , they shut down 2 lanes of the freeway , we where jsut splitting lanes to get passed the car crash. well this prick after he saw the 3 bikes pass next to him and saw my headlights he decided to cut me off and get really close to the car next to him, I had to slam on my brakes , pulling an unintentional stoppie. What this guy didnt see was the 100 bikes that where behind me. as soon as they saw what he did the rest of the bikers just sorrounded him by passing him on the right side, first it really pissed me off what he did , but looking at his face after he was sorrounded, it was hilarious. We actually stopped the traffic at the time and he was cussing every 1 out that he was gonna call the cops bla bla bla, the guy parked right next to the passenger window just said , theres no need to call the police since its already here and pulls his badge out.

  3. Texas T

    Texas T TX expatriate CLM

    Jan 25, 2000
    His last girl friend probably left him for a biker. :)

    Two experiences to relate... 25 years apart.

    I was riding from L.A. to Las Vegas on my way home to Tucson. As I was going through some twisties I had a truck come up on me passing traffic. He got behind me and then moved up alongside me and started crowding me to the side of the road. I dropped down a gear or two and blasted around the car in front of me by using the shoulder. I put a lot of distance between me and him and didn't see him again. Never saw him before so it's not like I did something to upset him earlier.

    Two days ago I was northbound on I-45 when a Town Car passes me on my left and then proceeds to move right into my lane with me still in it. I layed on the brakes and the horn hoping the dump truck behind me at 75 mph could also slow down. I flipped him off from behind and then moved up alongside him even with his door, honked again, and when he looked I gave him the two fingers to the eyes.

    I'm sure that the more we ride the more experiences we can relate. People are just plain stupid for the most part and we always have to ride as if we are invisible.
  4. EUPHER49


    Jul 22, 2001
    I had just got my ride a few days before and was out on a country road near my home and saw two guys on a farm tractor equipped with a front end loader pulling a tongue wagon. They started laughing as I got closer and then steered the thinhg like they we going to hit me, or run me off the road. I slowed down to manuever if I had to and they straightened out laughing the whole time. After they got past me I turned around and foolowed them. The dummies didn't know I was there and they led me back to their farm. They stopped the tractor and got off only to see me sitting in their driveway, with my black leathers and my arms folded accross my chest, scowling. They weren't laughing any more. After I was sure they got my point, I turned and rode away.

    Boy I was mad...and I don't think they ever pulled that stunt again...
  5. quinch

    quinch Turgid Member Millennium Member

    Aug 9, 1999
    There's a couple cars around here sporting my bootprint. ;f
  6. Werewolf_tc88


    Feb 27, 2005
    Hell with cars, for the most part if you're lights are on and you are not trying to break the land worlds speed record they will pick you up. I always watch intersections and make myself visable when cars are getting on the interstate,, I stay out of the blind spots,,, speed up or slow down and stay safe when they merge.
    Actually I think whitetail deer should have to have a valid drivers license and if they want to share the road they should have training too. I've come close to dirtying my jeans more with Whitetail than cars. You have no Friggin idea what they will do once they make their move.
  7. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT


    Mar 24, 2005
    DFW texas
    a couple of years ago i was headed to work. I almost made it b4 a guy was sitting at a stop sign on the road next to my job. he was just sitting there. as i got closer i was thinking ok.... this guy better not pull out in front of me... covered the brake and sure enough here he goes. man i slammed on the brakes i didnt even have time to hit the horn. i was in too much pain to turn around and chase him down to say something. in the process of braking i had racked the crap out of myself on my tank.

    one time i was on the highway traveling the same speed as everyone else in the fast lane. i was behind a blazer and the guy rolls bown the windo and throws a dr.pepper can up and towards the middle of his blazer. it comes right at me and bounces off the front of my bike. i drop it a gear and swooped up next to him proceeding to flip him off. he was laughing about it. took everything i had not to use my Timax gloves as hammers on his mirror. I wanted to knock it off. i lightly kicked his fender not even hard enough to leave a scratch. needless to say this pissed him off a lil bit. by the time he started to come over on me i was way infront of him and he wasnt catching me anytime soon.

    as for the whitetail deer. ive seen a couple of videos of people going down after they hit the deer or the deer hits them. they are a problem. ive always herd that when a deer gets in ur headlights they freeze. ive always been told that u turn off ur light and honk ur horn if one is on the road infront of you. now i havnt ever tried it but logically i think it would work. only one problem... my bikes lights are completely auctmatic. turn on the biake and the lights come on with it...
  8. Stop CPR

    Stop CPR

    Feb 6, 2005
    No matter how stupid the jerk is driving the Ford F-350 truck or how bad the driver of that Morris Mini acts, a bike VS a car will always result in the biker having something very bad happen to them. Keep your cool and carry your GLOCK. You may need both.
  9. wanderinwalker

    wanderinwalker 6 of .44

    Feb 13, 2003
    New Hampshire
    True words of wisdom.

    I once had a white Ford Taurus appear out of nowhere behind me one day. I was following a little Saab that could barely get out of it's own way through a twisty stretch of road. It was about all I could do to make sure I didn't end up on the Saab's bumper every time he hit the brakes, which was quite frequently. Then this Taurus catches up to us and next thing I know I've got 2000 pounds of American steel 3 feet off my tail. Flashed the brakes to get his attention: nothing. Tried again. Zip. Finally I turned and flipped the bird. I haven't seen a car back off so fast in my life! The dude must have gotten the point because he gave me a solid 100 feet of space the rest of the time he was behind me.

    Worst was car on car one day. A couple of young punks (well, okay, they were only a little younger than me, so you know what I am at least) at a stop sign think it would be funny to pretend to pull out in front of me. They got about halfway across the lane. I slammed on my brakes and swerved hard. The two little a-hs were laughing it up, bobbing up and down in the seat, they thought they were funny. Eyes ahead, finger in full extension, just went on my way. It was funny to see the passenger hanging out the window giving me the finger as his buddy sped the car in the opposite direction! What morons.
  10. bigjim


    Jun 18, 2002
    Behind you
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  11. I've had all sorts of issues with morons on the roads while on one bike or another. My last sportbike had 36,000 miles on it when I sold it (it was only 3 years old) so I ride as much as most people drive their cars. I've found that there are several things that work really well to keep malicious drivers from killing you.

    1) Keep your options open. Don't let yourself get boxed in so you can't manuever clear if someone starts to come over on you. They always come over on you.

    2) Don't ride in people's blind spots. See #1

    3) Ride a powerful, manueverable bike. Learn to ride your bike. I don't know how many times I've seen guys (and girls) on 800lb cruisers with 50hp and little tiny brakes get hosed in traffic because they're trying to ride a pig like it's a sportbike. If you want to ride that HD electraglide fine, it's a cool bike but they handle like ****.

    4) Wheel weights from semi trucks are your friend. When someone is following too close they can wreck a radiator/windshield.

    5) Learn to shoot left handed. You can pilot your bike with your right. No I'm not kidding.

    6) When all else fails, you have a vehicle that most likely has a much better power to weight ratio than any car on the road. Use it to get away. See #3 and sign up for a track day.

    7) Armor is your friend. Perforated leather in the summer time (It gets well over a hundred degrees here and I still wear my leathers) and regular leathers in the winter. Armored gloves for removing offending car mirrors. Remember, if you go to court over the smashed mirror the judge is going to ask the driver how it is that they were so close to you that you were able to remove said mirror... Textile suits protect you from rain and nothing else.

    Those who ride know that it's a dog eat dog world out there. It's us against them and the loser often dies. Assume that anyone in a car is a moron that's out to kill you and you wouldn't be too far off. At the very least you wouldn't be supprised very often.
  12. gilp1


    Mar 8, 2005
    titusville, fl
    People who do that will also do it to a pickup truck when in a small car. They are not out to get you. Just out!:)
  13. 21 shooter

    21 shooter

    Aug 22, 2001
    A few years back a couple of jerks threw a soft drink cup (with soft drink in it) out the window and it hit a friend of mine. He managed to get them to pull over. Their second mistake. One of them produced a stick or something along with the appropriate language. My friend produced a 1911 .45. They both vacated the truck so quickly he said it was hilarious. He rode off, still laughing. This was before "road rage" had been invented. It was still called stupid at the time. ;f