Have a G17 Gen4...what next? xd9,M&P9,or 2022?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Aglockalpyse Now, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. First of all this is my first post on Glock Talk, but I'm hoping to get a lot of replies on this one because I feel like the more input I get, the better informed my decision will be. I'm a huge fan of polymer framed, full size 9mm handguns. I've had a G17 Gen4 for about a year and love it, threw some triji nite sites and a tlr1s on it, but now I feel like its time to expand the collection. I'm looking for a high quality, full size polymer 9mm, preferably right around $500. Right now I'm split between the xd9 carry, m&p9, and sig sp2022. Have done research on all 3, but would like the input of you all in the Glock community since I currently own/ carry Glock. All input is a big help.

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  3. My vote is Sp2022. Very accurate and reliable. I've owned an XD9, but it would occasionally hiccup. No experience with M&P except shooting a buddy's. Gritty trigger.

  4. Yeah I've heard numerous complaints about the trigger pull on the M&P. Plus I think that the DA/SA on the 2022 would be a good addition to an otherwise striker dominated roster. Can you elaborate on the hiccups experienced with the xd? FTF, FTE, or both?
  5. The Sig 2022 is hard to beat for the money IMO. If my next gun was to be a polymer 9mm and not a Glock? The Sig would get the nod.

    Now if you expand your option of price just a bit? The FN line of polymers trumps them all.
  6. True about the FNX9. However I've found xds, m&Ps, and of course the 2022 all for under $500. Is the FN really worth the potential $100+ more? I know you get what you pay for but is the FN that much better?
  7. I got rid of a 2022 for an M&P. I loved the Sig but theres much more available for the M&P which is why I went that route. If you plan to leave the gun stock id go with the Sig.

    However, I have a FNX-45 and its such an outstanding weapon I am wanting to get one in 9mm. To me, its worth the money.
  8. Went to the lgs down the street and held all 3 and they all felt nice, but it seems to me that the 2022 retails for just as much as the M&Ps and xd's. If the price on the M&P the XD and the 2022 are all the same which would be best for the money. I know the 2022s are supposed to go for around 400 but i'm seeing 450-500 most places which is the same price as the xd and m&p. Starting to consider shelling out the 550 to 600 for the FNX-9
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    Nuff said:thumbsup:

  10. My opinion of the FN polymers goes like this. If I had not been so heavily invested into Glocks...and if FN would have made their current line sooner...except for my G27...I might have five different FNs instead of that number of Glocks right now.

    The current crop of FN weapons are impressive in the FNS series and even better in the FNX line IMO.
  11. I can't say about the S&Ws but I have a couple of Glocks, several XD variants and two Sigpros (2340, 2022) an the Sigs are the most accurate of the standard level.

    On top of that they are a great way to break out of the "striker fired" mode and stretch your experience, while still keeping the security blanket of polymer so you don't go too far away from the modern comfort zone. :supergrin:

    Besides, there is a real single action trigger involved with the Sig and it makes a good benchmark for shooting progress/improvement with the striker guns.
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  12. Bruce M

    I would probably lean towards whichever is least expensive; they are all good pistols.
  13. JaPes

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    The trigger pull in the M&P isn't the issue. Mine has worn in very nicely. The issue is the vague and uncommunicative trigger reset. You can't really feel or hear it.

    I own a Sig P226. If you don't have a DA/SA pistol, a SP2022 is every bit a Sig as it's alloy framed cousins. If you're willing to go beyond the polymer frame criteria, a good used Beretta 92fs or CZ 75B will give you a very unique shooting experience.
  14. I've heard nothing but praise for the M&P PRO. Accurate, reliable, and ergonomically correct. I think Hickock45 did a review on one and kept it since he shot it so well. His review of one is on Youtube.
  15. I've had both the XD9 and 2022 (2 of them, 1 was a total lemon) but haven't had an M&P. I have shot the M&P but don't like the lack of a trigger reset but nice gun. I was going to say, I'd take an XDM over the XD but if $500 is the range, the XDM is out of the question. Of the three, I like the 2022, not as good as my 226 but close for a polymer gun. Just my .02 :supergrin:
  16. glock2740

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    And here's some more praise about it. I LOVE mine! GREAT gun! :cool:
  17. bunk, what was up with the 2022 that was a lemon? I've read several accounts on other forums where folks had to send theirs back to sig b/c they just weren't functioning correctly, like FTE's every few rounds. What was your experience with the 2022?
  18. It will be a little over $500, but the XDm 9 is awesome.
  19. Yeah I think the XDM and the M&P pro are both nice a nice step up from the standard XD and M&P but most of the one's I've seen are going for $6-700 new. I'm just not in the position to pay that much or I'd probably opt for the Sig 226. Someday I'd love a XDM or M&P pro but right now I'm looking at the basics from a cost standpoint.
  20. The cost of a gun divided by the useful life is very little. Get the best you can afford even if you have to delay your purchase. There is a slew of guns within the $500 to $1500 range that are of very good quality that will be your perfect match. Take your time, learn, choose wisely and begin to save up for your next perfect one.
  21. My first Sig 2022 was in 9mm and never had an issue, perfect from day one. Sold it to fund my AR so when I saw another, I had to have it. This one was in .357 Sig with night sights. The crazy thing was, the first 300 or so round were flawless, then the FTF's started. If the gun was clean, it functioned good for the first 50-80 rounds then the FTF started. Happened with multiple shooters as I thought it could just be me. Sent to Sig, they polished the feed ramp. Came back, it did the same thing but this time, the trigger bar would work its way out every third shot. Back to Sig, polished the feed ramp, breach face and replaced something to do in the trigger housing. Guess what, same stuff for a third time, back to Sig, they polished again every part and again, same issues. I think it was certainly a lemon and not the norm.
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