Has Anybody Dealt With Colt Customer Service Lately

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by fusegsp, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Well, Colt's sole source manufacturing contract did expire. Haven't you noticed Colt's gradual shift to the civilian consumer market? Examples include the removal of the MIL/LEO use only stamping, M4 carbine stamping added, Magpul accessory models, sales in Walmart and non-LEO distributor networks. I seriously doubt any of this would have happened if their bread and butter gov't contract had not expired. The upcoming Florida manufacturing plant might mean cheaper costing Colts for civilian consumers with the absence of the UAW... or it may mean cheaper quality because of the lack of gov't inspector oversight and the fact that it is a shift to the civilian market.


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    I would just lightly scrub it off with gun oil and a scotchbrite pad, then reoil. I doubt Colt will replace a barrel for a few rust spots. Even if they do take it back, it will be on your dime for shipping, and they will probably just buff it out and send it back to you.

  3. I wasn't expecting them to replace it. Just maybe refinish it. Doesn't matter now I guess, I'm going to use some of the products mentioned in this thread and work it out. I did learn one thing though. That sign at Wal-Mart that says "All gun and ammunition sales are final," should also read, "...and don't ask us for even the tiniest bit of help if your gun has a defect. We don't care about your $1200 rifle, we have underwear to sell." :rofl:
  4. If it's just surface rust (not horribly uncommon with parkerized barrels), then a rag with some decent gun oil on it should take it off quickly enough. If it's any kind of serious pitting, I would send it back to Colt regardless, as it cold be a sign of a bad parkerizing job.
  5. You sure it's rust? The preservative Colt uses some times leaves stubborn brown stains that appear to be rust. They can be removed with a solvent type cleaner.
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    Apparently Colt is sacred ground for the tribes, and when you had the audacity to mention another company winning the bit, it was like saying Colt lost the bid because they are crap guns or something. Especially on a thread with a topic of RUST on a brand new Colt barrel. I'm surprised the OP wasn't called a liar and adhomed until the thread was locked: but the night is young.

    I think they are just easily upset and jump to any conclusion, right or wrong, and have to immediately go into defense mode.
  7. Hopefully this is all it is.

    But if it's not, at least you can be assured it is mil-spec rust :rofl:
  8. Rooster Rugburn

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    And like AR-15's, the military doesn't have specs for rust.
  9. Well, I steel wooled the barrel today with some oil. It was rust and not factory preservative. It's still there but not as noticeable. It's not big enough of a deal to send back to Colt. I ordered some of the Corrosion X and will apply that when I get it. It looks good enough now that most people wouldn't notice it unless I pointed it out. Thanks to everyone for the help.
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  11. It's meant to be a working rifle. Shoot it, don't look at it!
  12. I agree with those who say it is a tool meant to be used. I sent a weapon back to Colt, and it took months to get it back. It was a time Colt was not concerned with the civilian market.

    I expect they issue with the rust spots may not be considered a flaw, but perhaps how it was stored.

    It seems many of the weapons currently sold have been in storage a long time.

    Some of my prized firearms are my everyday carry guns. They get holster wear and marks here and there. I maintain them as well as I can, but I understand, they will not be museum pieces.

    It is sort of when you get a new car. When I was young, I went out of my way to keep my cars like new. Eventually, someone would door ding my car or crash a shopping cart into it. Once it is imperfect, I could stop worrying about the small things. Now, I use my vehicles and do not worry right from the dealership.

    I would simply do the maintenance and cleaning regularly and use the weapon.

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