Happy 237th!

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  1. Happy 237th, Teufelshunde [or the Americanized - Teufelhunden]!

    Remember those who went before, take care of our brothers and sisters here, and set an example for those coming after.


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  2. Happy birthday brothers! Remember all those who have gone before you. Have a beer or two and reflect on their service. Never let their memory be forgotten.

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  3. Thank you Marines for your service! Hopefully, there will be many, many years of birthdays!
  4. gruntmedik

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    Semper Fi, my Brothers! :birthdaysong: :usmc:
  5. May another 237 be in your future. We depend on you and hold your service in the highest regards.
  6. happy birthday my brothers :usmc:
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    LMGTEXAS Semper Fidelis

    Happy Birthday all you Jarheads! The Few, The Proud, The MARINES!!! A Brotherhood born of fire and smoke. Semper Fidelis to us all and many, many more.

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