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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Steven_88, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. I just bought a glock 19. I was wondering if hansen ammo steel jacket 119grain 9X19 parabellum combat was an alright ammo for target shooting. I was reading that certain types of ammo cant be shot with the glock cause it will mess up the barrel. Will this kind do it? Has anyone ever heard of this brand of ammo, because I cant find it anywhere!!! Thanks for any info!

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  3. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    Hansen used to import ammo and sell it under their brand. A lot of it was IMI (Israeli) and was top notch stuff. I stopped in their headquarters on my first honeymoon and bought a few boxes of IMI produced 357Mag 158JHP ammo. It's amazing how understanding a new bride is and how quickly they become so not understanding of anything.

    Anyway, I can't find them online anymore and I think they are long gone. I wouldn't worry about shooting the ammo. It sounds like the typical combloc stuff that people shoot everyday under different brands now like Herters.

  4. ok, but whats the best round you think for carry/defense?
  5. Merkavaboy

    Merkavaboy Code-7A KUZ769

    Hansen Cartridge Co. hasn't been around since the early 90's (+/-). As WiskyT noted, IMI was one line of ammo they imported along with Prvi Partizan.

    In general, mild steel jacketed bullets are fine and they will not damage one's barrel.

    I'm curious as to what the headstamp on your Hansen ammo is?

  6. Ill let you know on Wed thats when I meet with my buddy and get it from him hes got 7 boxes of it
  7. Merkavaboy

    Merkavaboy Code-7A KUZ769

    This is now a whole different topic. There really is no "best" ammo for any given situation. Best thing to do is go back through the threads and read what people post as to what they like and why. I personally use only Federal 115JHP+P+ (9BPLE).
    Many others carry the same ammo and many others will disagree and use something else.
  8. If put to a vote of Glock Talk members here's what I believe the consensus is regarding "the best" premium 9mm self-defense ammo is:

    1. Winchester 127-grain +P+
    2. Speer 124-grain Gold Dot +P
    3. Federal 115-grain +P+ (9BPLE)
  9. I agree with you. Match the gun with the appropriate ammo that gives the best overall shooting characteristics with that firearm and stick with that ammo until you find one better.

  10. This^^^

    Hansen also was one of the first importers of Korean made PMC ammo.

    I know for a fact that I was buying since the later 1970's, I can clearly recall buying 1979 head stamps.

    BTW, I NEVER had any problems what-so-ever with any of the Hansen ammo in any caliber or country of origin.
  11. hey i got the ammo and the head stamp is NNY-87 9mm luger
  12. Merkavaboy

    Merkavaboy Code-7A KUZ769

    The cyrillic Letters nny translate to PPU (Prvi Partizan Uzice). I have one box of blanks that have nny-87 stamped on the case and another box if 158FMJ subsonic that has IMI stamped cases with the light blue bullet tip. (As a side note, IMI's 158FMJ subsonics were designed for carbines and their blue tipped 124FMJ subsonic with the visable bullet cannilure above the case mouth were for pistols).

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