Hannity And Boehner Appear To Want More Democrat Voters

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  1. consider how many "conservative" voters stayed home this election.....over 1 million from '08,......this is just desserts.

  2. Maybe, but making the GOP into Democrat-lite isn't going to bring out the conservatives either. And if the GOP embraces amnesty I don't think the Hispanic votes they get will offset the White votes they lose.
  3. latinos will never vote for conservatives, they come from dictasterships or worse......they see themselves as lucky siding with the socialist side. few have the pride to be American, most want to make America the same as the crap hole they came from.
  4. It's invigorating. Thanks for asking.
  5. Do you really believe this stuff?
  6. some of it.
  7. I have spent a lot of time in South FL, and have met plenty of middle class, blue collar Latinos, as well as many Latino business men and women. There are also countless low income Latinos that work 10 hour landscaping jobs in 95 degree heat. There is certainly a large Cuban business population, most of whom are conservative. That doesn't mean all of them voted for Romney this time around, but their votes could easily be had.

    Saying that Latinos come to America hoping to turn it into a 3rd world dump takes an astonishing level of blind ignorance. Let us hope that an Internet forum, and not the public pulpit, is where these types of comments remain, otherwise 2016 will make the GOP's most recent loss look like a photo finish.
  8. some of it means not all of it.....the latinos im speaking of are generally (this means not an absolute) from mexico and other points south...they dont come here and assimilate to become Americans like the Cubans did or do (again this is a generalization not an absolute). the fact that 70% or higher of the latino vote goes to liberals not conservatives is not my making up numbers, it is what it is.
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  9. Mrs. Tink

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    Race seems to be a really touchy subject around here, but from one of the few (to my knowledge) minorities that posts on GT... here are a few points regarding Latinos.

    1) Latinos aren't really that liberal. They are socially conservative and fiscally prudent.

    2) Basically everything "cowboywannabe" says is incorrect. But Latinos aren't going to spend time correcting people who think that. They have other priorities.

    3) Being "Latina" isn't that important to me when it comes to voting. I am more interested in economic issues and the budgetary disaster perpetuated by our government. However, the GOP is terrible at messaging to Latino voters. They (knowingly or unknowingly, probably both) insulted Latino voters numerous times during the 2012 election cycle. I laid all of that aside to vote for Republicans at all levels. But hundreds of thousands won't overlook it like I did. They just take their votes elsewhere.

    4) Most people who read things like what I am writing will find ways to excuse behavior away, pretend like it is just overly PC or sensitive Hispanics that need to "assimilate," and spend more time trying to tell me how wrong I am than spend a little time being introspective and learn how to appeal to different classes of voters.

    No matter how much we all want this to be a classless, color-blind society, it is not. We have a long, long way to go before we get there. I would love it if all voters were educated and spent time looking at ONLY their own economic self-interest when voting. But they do not. We have to work within the existing framework in order to get anywhere. Will we take a stubborn point of view and double down, guaranteeing future losses?

    No one likes to be insulted. No one wants a political candidate that seems out of touch or like he can't relate. The rich white Democrats loved to pretend that Romney was a rich white Republican who couldn't relate. Unfortunately, he actually did have a problem relating to Hispanics. Once he started moving in the right direction, it was too late.
  10. how did the majority of the latino vote reflect in the election? liberal or conservative?
  11. realizing my post sounds derogatory towrds latinos, it wasnt meant that way, but this is the internet and a lot gets lost in the cracks.

    ive lived in latino (Cuban) communtinies where they were conservative, and ive been in latino (Puerto Rican) communities which were "conservative" but voted for liberals. then ive been in latino (mexican if asked) communties which were hard to call one way or another but mostly illegals who voted or not i couldnt be sure.

    all in all, 70% of the latino or hispanic vote went to obama and he is a liberal at best, a socialist if the mask is removed.
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  12. Mrs. Tink

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    That is OK, I didn't take it as derogatory. :wavey:

    Your post seems obvious, right? I mean, Obama is a liberal so if someone votes for him then they are probably a liberal? I wish it were that simple. This is a classic example of a cultural gap. It seems so clear, but it isn't. I could try to explain it from a number of different approaches. Suppose you are a low-income voter who is not extremely educated about the nuances of economics, politics, or any other social science. But you know when you've been insulted. The MSM is carefully avoiding telling you about things like the high Hispanic unemployment rate, the surge in deportations under Obama, the myriad examples of ways that Obama does not have the best interests of minorities at heart. You are too busy working or caring for family members to spend a ton of time researching this on your own. You've got kids, elder care, two jobs, a husband to feed, a wife to provide for, etc. You do the best you can and from what you hear out of the candidates' mouths and friends you trust is that Romney has insulted you and doesn't understand your culture. Better to stay with the devil you know.

    I'm not excusing people or saying that it's right. But it is what it is. I see it all the time. Hispanic cultural values and Republican values are quite similar. But who will show them? Not the MSM. Not the Dems who want minorities to stay in their thrall. It's up to us. And we have to overcome the cultural gap to do it.
  13. Mrs. Tink, in spite of the mass news medias, there are plenty of easily accessed news outlet available to even those with obabam phones.....the truth is not covered up, just not reported by the usual suspects.

    what excuse does a person have today to be an uniformed voter? mu God even the kids in the ME whom are tired of shira law and have blocked media acess find ways to see the other side....

    those who want the truth will seek it out. those who want a convenient "truth" will take the spoon feeding.
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  14. Ruble Noon

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    Hi Mrs. Tink. :wavey:

    If people look at southwest Ks. they will see that in several counties, whites are now minorities. If you look at how all these counties voted you will see that they are all red, republican. I think location and exposure to liberalism or lack thereof have a lot to do with how the Latino community votes. Western Ks. is full of hard working conservatives and these values have passed on to the immigrants.
  15. Mrs. Tink

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    Hey friend. Long time no see. :wavey:

    Totally, totally agree. One's surroundings absolutely helps, although I'd argue that southwest Ks is a lot like southeast CO, where my family is from. It is different than, say, Los Angeles, although both are attractive to Hispanics for various reasons. I think of politicians in those areas as being more attuned to what is important to the local Latino community than national politicians are.
  16. This thread is heading in a very interesting direction... It poses a lot of meat for consideration and discussion.

  17. I would say "wow, you must live where I do." But the sad truth is that this is the way it is around much of Texas. Most illegal immigrants are from Mexico or points south, and have no interest in learning English, let alone learning what makes this country great and doing their part to perpetuate it. They have their own-language radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers.

    There are many jobs that native Americans who speak English just can't do well at, if at all. This is a business reality. In many areas of the state, government business is conducted in Spanish.

    There is a general lack of respect for the environment, for example they ignore it when their kids litter. What we consider a trashy, blighted area they tolerate because it is an improvement over the old country. Texas is worse off for all these things.

    As for the politics of it all, I'm not convinced that catering to illegal aliens who snuck into the country and have no interest in assimilating is all that popular among the locals who happen to be of Mexican ancestry.

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