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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Big Al 24, Jan 15, 2009.

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  3. Furant

    Millennium Member

    I agree with many of those. Here are a few of mine as well:



    Duplicate File Remover

    File Recovery
    Undelete Plus


    Partition cloner/imaging

    Password Database

    KeePass for Blackberry

    Sound Editor

    Text Editor

  4. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

  5. Thanks guys, you've brought up a couple that I'd forgotten. Notepad++ was one of them.
  6. Care to explain how that hogs bandwidth?
  7. I've seen other places request that people do that for the purpose of saving bandwidth. I was just trying to be courteous more than anything. But since this seems to be some kind of trick question to elicit an "aha" moment, why don't you go ahead and explain why I'm wrong about that? Here I just thought I was making a helpful list for people with the side benefit of gaining new programs for myself, but apparently I'm being quizzed or something.
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  8. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    Some people just like to be an ass, I wouldn't worry about it. The list will be a useful resource for those who don't know any better, which is the point of the thread.

  9. Unix'N'Guns

    Unix'N'Guns NRA Life Member

    He (OP) is introducing people to FOSS* & freeware alternatives. Can't see giving him a hard time for that.

    I notice that there is no section for alternatives to Windows :).

    * It appears most items on the list are FOSS [Free & Open Source Software]. I am not claiming to have read or inspected any/all of the software licensing governing any/all of the software or software projects on the list. There. Hopfully that will deter a lot of stupid ******* replies.
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  10. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    You know the one I found the most interesting, was that password database. I'm gonna try to install it in Wine and see how it goes. However, I've done pretty much the same thing for a while, with Open Office. I made a OO Spreadsheet, with all my accounts, passwords, network log in info, etc. I then password protected the Spreadsheet file. I ever lose that password, and I'm mega hosed, although its a pretty personal one, that nobody else currently on earth would know.

    Also, because I see this come up on occasion in other forums, is how to document your guns, in case of theft, loss, etc. I made another sheet on that file, took a pic of a gun, and beside it, recorded identifying info of the gun (make, model#, caliber, SN#). The pics aren't that great, because I took them w/ a piece of crap camera I had a couple years ago, I was thinking the other day I should go through and update the pics w/ my new camera. Anyways, I've saw posts come up on some sort of "firearms database" software in the past, and thought some might like the idea.... I've currently got it set up where I can get about 4 guns per page. That was the hardest part, getting the pics to set properly in the spreadsheet, so they would stay on one page, in the event it ever needed printed out. (I'm guessing a pic of a gun that spread across 2 pages would be reasonably useless.. :))

    Here's kinda what it looks like (SN's removed).. and yes, there's a lot more guns in the file, Its just I could only fit 4 into the screenshot.. :)


  11. Furant

    Millennium Member


    I use the KeePass password database because they have a version that runs on my BlackBerry and it allows me to keep them in synch. I used to use PasswordSafe by Bruce Schneier, a security expert, it also has a Java version, but I had trouble trying to run it on my BB. It probably would work fine in Linux.

    I like your idea on you firearm inventory. Too bad my inventory is so small it really doesn't take too much to keep track of it.

  12. I kinda figured that if you were the type to hunt down your own 'nix and install it yourself, you probably would end up contributing to the list rather than using it. You do have a point though, I could add Ubuntu, and PCLinuxOS to the list.
  13. Unix'N'Guns

    Unix'N'Guns NRA Life Member

    I was tongue-in-cheek joking. That list would go on forever. You would be better served just putting a link to distrowatch under that section.

    The list is a nice concept. Thanks for posting it.
  14. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    Actualy, Al stated his intent w/ the list in the first paragraph of his first post. I'm personally not really hung up on the the whole *free* (as in speech), thing.....

    Second, nothing on Al's list, to my knowledge, do you have to pursue illegal means to continue using it.. I know some don't really consider stealing software, theft.. but it is, especially when you're downloading key generators so that you can use it.

  15. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    Completely forgot Clam had a Windows version. I'm not familiar w/ the Windows version, but the Linux version is solid.. Most Linux users use it to scan files that will be shared w/ WIndows users, so they don't accidentally spread a virus, that had no effect on their PC.

    Good catch.

  16. Unix'N'Guns

    Unix'N'Guns NRA Life Member

    I am aware. I was reiterating (for cali) that the list is of FOSS (free as in Freedom) & Freeware (free as is "no charge") software. I guess I didn't elaborate enough.

    I am not hung up on the "free as in speech" thing, either. But I do think it is important and support it when ever it is a viable alternative to closed source and/or freeware.
  17. Thanks everyone! I'll keep updating as new stuff is dredged up from our memories. I also added a link to distrowatch. :cool:
  18. Links to a site don't consume any more bandwidth than text, other than a little overhead to make them linkable.

    Images linked from another website however would consume bandwidth for the other site though.

    I just thought maybe *I* was missing something. :)
  19. Thanks, Al! I'll be looking at some of those myself. Appreciate it.
  20. I've used Malwarebytes on a number of friend's machines to clean off spyware/malware. Great program! www.malwarebytes.org

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