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Handguard removal question

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by INhondo, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. I have a Bushmaster XM15-E2S Carbine in the safe that I've never shot. It has a 16" heavy barrel completely covered by a heavy, non-ventilated, free-floated aluminum handguard. I want to remove this handguard and install a lighter carbine length one.It has what appears to be a barrel nut threaded into the muzzle end and is itself threaded onto the barrel nut on the upper. No other fasteners, shouldn't it just unscrew?
  2. Onmilo


    Jul 10, 2005
    1. Remove flash hider
    2. Drive out taper pins and remove gas block and gas tube assembly
    3. Remove bolt carrier assembly from upper.
    4 Replace bolt carrier assembly with safety/anti collapse block then place upper into upper receiver vice block assembly
    5. Secure blocked upper assembly securly into a heavy duty vice.
    6. Attach heavy duty FABRIC STRAP strap wrench to handguard near junction of upper receiver. Coating handguard where it meets strap wrench with powdered rosin provides additional grip.
    7. Attempt to turn off handguard counterclockwise looking down barrel from muzzle, lefty loosey, tighty righty.
    8. If at first it won't budge, attach 24" cheater pipe to strap wrench handle and try again.
    9. Still fail? Clean rosin off handguard so it doesn't melt and heat handguard with wide, yellow-white flamed blowtorch to just about too hot to touch then let cool. reapply rosin, wrench, and cheater pipe and try again, it should bust loose this time.

    If handguard turns out to be a two piece affair instead of the one piece "V-Match" unit, you will succeed in getting the tube off and must now resort to a special barrel nut wrench to remove the seperate barrel nut.
    Have fun! HTH!

  3. Onmilo, thank you for the fabric strap wrench and rosen tip!
    The muzzle of the barrel is flush with the free float handguard, no flash hider. The handguard does look like a "V-Match" handguard, it's just under 16" long with only two slots on the bottom and two drilled and tapped holes, one at each slot with one sling swivel. I'll stop and try to find a fabric strap wrench on the way home from work in the morning.