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    Go Hammerman Likens!



  3. I like popcorn :supergrin:

  4. Hi Karen :wavey:
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    Long time, no see!

    Hope you are doing well!

  6. kcb

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    I think that my daddy could have lived on popcorn alone.

    My girls were young when he passed away, and that is probably the thing they remember about him the most. Whenever they went to visit Papa, he said, "Let's go make some POPCORN!!!", almost as soon as they got there!

  7. tous

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    Lincoln tried to visit Dinky's classroom the other day.
    Dinky made fun of his old clothes and had him Tazed and arrested.

    Then Dinky told the students that's the man that invented the Lincoln Continental ... or the penny.

    Dinky was not certain which is true.
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    HAMMERMAN LIKENS sez 'Meskin Carry would have prevented this.'


  9. Did not!!!!

    Hammerman is a fine gentleman and I would never say or do anything that would put him in a bad light......:supergrin:
  10. kcb

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    I think NOT!

    Hammerman Likens DID visit our school last year!

    Our students were VERY impressed with him. They even said he NEVER told a lie.

    We, as teachers, thought it was Abraham Lincoln that came....but no....

    at least one of the children said it was Hammerman Likens. We've been wrong all of these years!

    :shocked: :faint:

    I do hope he returns this year, for his birthday! :)
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  11. tous

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    You sayin' DelChief was tellin' me a tall tale?

  12. It's DepChief, what do you expect????
  13. tous

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    You sayin' you didn't Taze Lincoln?

  14. Just myself[​IMG]
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  16. tous

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    John Wilkes looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with them tiny arms.
  17. A T-rex with a gun!:wow:
  18. tous

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    That ain't a gun.

    This ...


    is a gun.
  19. Blued steel goodness! I picked up a heavy barrel model 10 from an online source that will remain anonymous. $275 out the door :cool:
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    JM grips.
    The end.

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