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  1. I mostly shoot handguns, but recently had occasion to load a few rifles into the truck and head out to the range at my local sportsmen's club for an afternoon of turning money into noise. Had the place to myself... and it was a blast. My "reach out and touch someone" AR is a venerable Bushmaster XM15-E2S/A2... bought during the '94 - '04 ban it's a bone stock 16" heavy barrel carbine with fixed carry handle, no flash suppressor or bayo lug, and came with a fixed stock. The only change I've made was to install a collapsable stock once the ban expired in '04. I'm 5'6" and this stock allows me to get a somewhat shorter length of pull which fits me better.

    A while back I found a deal on a used Trijicon TA01 ACOG. Always thought that was a cool optic but a new one was way out of my price range. The first time I took it out for a spin I found out why it was such a deal... the elevation adjustment mechanism was broken... turning the screw had no effect. So I sent it back to the good folks at Trijicon and they fixed it for me for a small fee. It was still a great deal even after I paid for the repair. It now sits atop the carry handle on my old Bushy, and this was my first time trying it out since the repair.

    After getting on paper at 50 yards I moved out to 100 yards to dial it in. Here's one of several typical 5 shot groups I subsequently fired. These were done off the bench, but with no mechanical rest of any kind - just my off-hand elbow resting against the side of the bench. This group is just under 2" edge-to-edge and I was able to do this over and over again. For me this is damned good shooting, and I came home grinning from ear to ear. Just had to share. :cool:

    BTW - ammo was IMI M855.
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  2. 2" at 100 yards is nothing to sneeze at with M855. Nice work.

  3. Thanks Wooden. As a fat old guy with bad eyes I was very proud of myself. Good glass makes a world of difference. :supergrin:
  4. Yeah, it really can. I like the ACOG in theory, I just can't get past the crappy eye relief of the 4x models. The 3.5x versions have a much longer relief, but their reticle choices are more limited (edit: or not - looks like that's changed since I last checked).
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  5. Yeah... eye relief is a tad short for a forward / carry handle mounted optic, but the adjustable buttstock allows me to snug up a little closer and still get an adequate cheek (chin?) weld. As an occasional plinker and part time zombie apochalypse prepper money was a big factor in buying this particular ACOG. All-in-all I'm very pleased with this rifle / glass combo.

    I've no idea how old the unit is, but having shot using a "new" ACOG at work the reticle's definitely dimmer than one just out of the factory. I asked the folks at Trijicon if they thought it would be wise to replace the tritium capsules while I had it in for repair. After looking it over they advised that I wait... I thought that was pretty good of them to give that advice (saving me... and costing them... some money).

    Perhaps in a few years. This glass will be with me for the long haul.

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