Had a major derp...

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  1. I feel like a total idiot, and no point not letting you all have the chance to make fun of me...


    I was having trouble sleeping the other night about 2ish so I turn on the laptop and surf a few to try and help me relax a bit... Also, grabbed me some tea (decaf, no sugar, etc... which will turn out to be a really good thing). Well, at some point, I sat back on the couch, and fell asleep.. with my tea in my hand. Well, something startled me, and I woke up, and threw tea all over my laptop.

    Immediately pulled the power (as it was charging), hit the power button to shut down and pulled the battery. Tea was literally running out of every slot in the case, including the now empty battery port. So I hold it, and let it all drip out, dry, let more drip out, shake out, etc.. Once nothing was shaking out any longer, I set it under a fan, and go back to bed (pretty irritated)... Well, after drying out a day or so, it looks like all is well, except the keyboard is toast (using a usb keyboard right now). I hit for instance "r" and "49z;" comes up..lol. I'm thankful I don't drink sweet tea, cuz I think adding sugar to the mix, would have likely toasted the motherboard/other electronics inside. New (aftermarket) keyboard on Ebay, $13.. should be here Thursday. Fortunately, the keyboard is really easy to replace, so that won't be a big deal.


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  2. Rinse it out with distilled water. It might clean it out without adding any deposits.

  3. I was gonna try that. Unfortunately what it "might" do isn't very comforting and what it "could" do is disconcerting... At this point, I'm just gonna count my blessings and put a new keyboard on. It's a 5min job and it's a cheap lesson. I'll pull the keyboard off, look for signs of moisture, hit it with some air, then install the new keyboard.
  4. Laptop keyboards are expendables, just like tea bags.
  5. PM me your address and I'll ship you one of my kid's sippie cups. Do you prefer Dora the Explorer or Spiderman?
  6. ;)

    Always a comedian in the group. :)
  7. I hope you're lucky and it's just the KB. My former customers were never that lucky..
  8. Guess I should post a follow up.

    Keyboard was replaced in about 20min. No signs of damage and it has been working flawless for a few weeks.

    Cheap lesson...
  9. cgwahl

    cgwahl Sheriffs a near

    Doesn't matter now I guess, but the keyboard might still be good and just need a few more days or possibly a week or two to fully dry.

    I have an external keyboard I like to use on my laptop and will occasionally hose it off outside and dry in sun for a few days. One time certain keys didn't work or gave me weird results. X might be a J. Spacebar was an S...stuff like that. After a week I tried it again and as far as I can tell, all was well.
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