Had a bit of a scare tonight...

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by slickt0mmy, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. You guys are too much. Thanks for sharing your story. People tend to train for a self defense scenario in their head. Truth is, it will never happen like you plan and it does happen fast. Be prepared, seek training and thanks for the story.

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  2. So you're saying that you got distracted by a woman you were on a date with when she was walking you to your car, huh?


    Bet no one else here has ever been let a woman get in the way of their situational awareness. Right? :tongueout:

  3. gosh sometimes i wonder want the other millions unarmed people do when confronted by a tarp? must be rough. lol
  4. Although there is no evidence that the tarp was, in fact, going to attack you, I would suggest that the accusation that it was attempting to do so would certainly warrant a full investigation. LOL
    Thanks for sharing that.:)
    I have a few of my own but I ain't telling them here!!! haha
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  5. :rofl::rofl::uglylol:

    yes, always look for the teachable moment

    do you live in a stand your ground state? never back down from a tarp, unless it's been drinking
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  7. This thread is providing many more laughs than I was originally anticipating :rofl:
  8. Thats because we've all had a moment just like that at one time.
    I can relate!:cool:

    So, when the advancing tarp caused her to scream, did you scream too? :tongueout: :rofl:
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    I am psychologically incapable of removing a gun from my person. (Which is, 'Why' I go to New Jersey and New York as little as possible.) I can't understand what possessed you to take your gun off? The feeling, to me, is like being naked. If you want to laugh I have a slightly different problem about, 'coming up empty'. I'm ambidextrous, and wear weapons on either side of my body. Once when I was startled I grabbed with my right hand and came up with a handful of air. Nothing bad happened; but that moment of openhanded confusion is more than enough time for the other guy to drawn and fired!
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  10. Akbar!!! Hilarious!!!
  11. Agreed!

  12. Never been to an Olive Garden and now I have another reason not to go besides the food.

    But if you're a regular, you've got a choice to make. Go unarmed, or quit going there and POLITELY LET THE SENIOR MANAGEMENT KNOW WHY.

    My bank posted a few years ago and I and others let them know they had 30 days for the signs to come down, or accounts would be closed and moved elsewhere. The signs came down.
  13. We had a local bank with the "No Handguns" sign on the door, a few months ago it was robbed at gun point. I guess they got the point that criminals don't care about a sign because the sign came off the door and the bullet proof glass went up at the counters. Of course I didn't see a sign about tarps. :tongueout:

  14. Have both in my town... And neither have signs posted.. Must be a fortunate one..
  15. hmm....a bit jumpy to be carrying......or not carrying as the case may be.
  16. So it's a "bit jumpy" to be startled by a large figure coming at you in the dark? Excuuuuuse me, mister tough guy. :upeyes:
  17. rvrctyrngr

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    Yeah...I could tell the story of my ballcap-wearing treadmill attacking me in the middle of the night....but I won't! :supergrin:

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