Guns and Ammo types for shtf

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  1. Oh I TOTALLY get the SBR thing! Dude - 7.62x39 is the KING of SBR rounds! (sensibly cheap readily available rounds, anyway...)

    Still - as you point out: Suppressors, SBR's, FA.... While all useful, let's be honest; The fun factor at the moment FAR outweighs any "usefulness" of those things since the S has not hit the F.

    And I question the usefulness of FA if you do not have a tank....

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  2. LongGun1

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    RW & I are in complete agreement on this one.. :wavey:

    ..but I believe my latest suppressed SBR projects (aka #3 & #4) in 300 BLK will be "best" setups for my needs...(sans a RDAIS)!

    Very nice to have a dedicated, semi-auto, subsonic cartridge that is very effective with a SBR length barrel of 8" or 9".. :supergrin:

    ..versus the 5.56 that is not! :upeyes:

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  3. LongGun1

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    Actually.....Myth's abode would be that Über-gear home! :whistling:

    He has that covered very well! :thumbsup:

    Me....I am just a working man...

    ..doing what I can! :whistling:
  4. LongGun1

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    Nice!!! :thumbsup:
  5. RWBlue

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    The fun factor is high during non-SHTF, BUT......

    If you have a rifle you can not really take it to a shelter without EVERYONE knowing you have a rifle. With the correct SBR, you can have a conversation with an Anti and they never even know it is in the bag.

    Have you ever been hunting and see two animals you would want to kill and known that the other will be gone as soon as you take the first shot? The suppressor can help with that.

    Same thing but with humans coming to get you.

    Full auto is hard for me to justify. It only really works if you have an unlimited supply of ammo. OR it is a last ditch effort before you are overrun.

    Then again I have not found the perfect platform. I think I could design it, but it currently is not on the market.
  6. LongGun1

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    This has turned out to be a great thread.. :thumbsup:

    ..RW has some very good points on an SBR for SHTF! :supergrin:
  7. Hey - An SBR is great for all kinds of stuff from impressing the chics at the range with your cool operator stylings, to being easily concealed, lighter to carry and handy indoors in the event this were a real SHTF.

    But it is way down on my list of needs. More water, food, meds. fuel, comms, tools, etc...

    And having two guns and backup that you are super skilled/confident with is way better than an arsenal of which you have passing familiarity.

    I am still very much of the mind that the grand firefight for which all prepare and hope for (yet will pee our pants if ity happens) is mostly a myth for most SHTF's we will encounter.

    The reality is that over 30 days we won't shoot 10 rounds. But as always, better to have them when you need them than not have them!

    If I really need to go from zero to ready I'd go out and buy a use 870 of any barrel length, and get three boxes of buck shot and one of slugs. Then I'd get a used Glock 19 and a box of Federal SD ammo, and a couple of boxes of 115 FMJ and call it ready. After that 30 days of food and water is more important.
  8. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    I think that is true for many people. If that is true for the OP then that is what he needs to do. I point back at the Risk Matrix. I think everyone should access the risks and probability, make plans and then buy gear to support the plan.

    But that was not the question that was asked. :supergrin:
  9. I totally agree with you in that those firefights are mostly in peoples minds and thoughts but the reality will play out much differently.
    Concentrating on main supplies is way more important then having 20000 rounds of extra ammo.
    The only reason I have more then a couple hundred rounds is that I think that they will make a great barter item and also may be restricted by the government.
    I think that the reason so many preppers are so into the guns and ammo is because they already like them and they are already a hobby.
    The idea of loosing our toys and the ability to shoot them is terrifying to us and thus why we stock up so much.
    In reality it would have less to do with pure survival, and not to say that no one needs a certain amount to protect themselves and their family but having several gun battles with hundreds of rounds exchanged is highly unlikely for most people.

    But as they saying goes it is better to have then to want.
  10. volsbear

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    Agreed. The most likely scenario is protecting yourself from looting, not engaging in a huge gun fight. That's good news, though, because a prepared realist is more likely to survive an encounter with looters on his/her property than in a larger scale gun fight.

    I stock .223, 20 gauge, .45 and .22.

    My new predicament involves the two antique rifles I currently have in my house - a 1917 Winchester chambered in 30-06 and a 1898 Springfield in 30-40 Krag. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be worth while to have a few hundred rounds of each, or buy more .223, 20 gaugae, .45 or .22.
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  11. LongGun1

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    Nope....we rarely go to public ranges..

    ..and we normally bring our own chicks! :tongueout:

    A few things not mentioned (300 BLK SBR vs. average semi-Pistol)

    SBR's have a much better "stand-off distance" .. day/night optics..

    ..good barrier penetration..

    ..higher capacity..

    ..more accurate..(especially on moving targets)..

    ..quick followup shots..

    ..suppresses very well.

    Most of the advantages of a carbine..

    ..with a few advantages the carbine does not have.

    All of which can make a difference some really bad day or night!

    All that being said..

    ..if you do not have food, hydration, shelter, etc ..squared away 1st

    ..then the subject of an SBR should not apply.

    Suppressed custom SBRs are not "Prepping 101"..

    ..& balanced preps are key!
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  12. :cheers:
  13. BR549

    BR549 Thread Killer

    He was probably talking about female humans...

    ...not the "chicks" you get in a sack from Krystal...

    ..or those you get in buckets from KFC... :wavey:

    Joking aside...

    ...I'm not here to put down the 300 BLK SBR at all, as it has some great qualities and a great mixture of good qualities...

    However, some of the Lil-G-one statements need to be thought out carefully by anyone who would drop everything and go straight out to buy a 300 BLK SBR just because they are an eL Jee Wan pup...

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  14. Ok, update time. I read the input and I have decided to build up ammo only for the guns I have for the people in my house that shoot them proficiently. I hope that came out right. 3 - 9mm's, 1 - 45, and 1 12 gauge. I put the 380 up for sale as well as the 308. I am going to replace the 308 with a Remington 700 in 308 due to accuracy issues. I am also adding a Glock 17.

    I have three people who are good with the 9mm so I am building that stock pile the most as far as handguns go. I am great on the 45 so that is in there as well but only about 500 rounds.

    I took your advice on the shotgun and bought a Mossberg 500 Persuader 8 shot that will be here tomorrow. The 20g has sentimental value so it stays but only as a last resort will it be used. I figured I had to buy shotgun ammo anyway, might as well get the gun and the ammo at the same time. I have a friend who has a long barrel for it that he doesn't use and I am going to pick that up in case I need to hunt with it.

    I also have 2 .22lr pistols on order to make a total of 3 .22's and then a 10/22 I am waiting on as well but its been planned for sometime.

    So, its 9mm, 45 acp, 22, and 12 gauge. Oh, and 223 but I have a relative who was in need of funds and sold off his AR and 223 bolt action rifle and he has a couple thousand rounds of 223 he is letting me have for a hundred bucks. That was a lucky find for me.
  15. kirgi08

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  16. BR549

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    .. :) ..
  17. Sounds like a nice setup.
  18. Thanks. Only problem I see is the shtf taking too long to get here. I will probably have alot of guns, ammo and food by then. And we all know how awful that would be. :whistling:
  19. The guy on the original vid here put the round right between the eyes at maybe 25 yards. At 150 it could easily glance off the skull on a less than perfect shot and really piss off whoever it hit.
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  20. If you want to kill TIME - a .22 is perfect for that, and cheap too! :rofl:

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