Guncrafter vs LB TRS

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by carguy2244, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Okay, if the GC No Name is better than a LB TRS, why?

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  2. I'm not sure it is, but I do love the NN.

    I don't own a TRS to compare it to. :sad:

  3. Same here, but if somebody wants to send me their Baer I'll be more that happy to compair the two.:supergrin:
  4. nolt

    nolt DONT PANIC!

    im on the other side with a TRS and no GCNN to compare it to.

    to me the TRS is just a good deal on a no-nonsense well-made reliable working mans 1911.

    the NN appeals to me in that it likewise isnt churched up to the degree that alot of other semi custom guns are, but it is considerably more expensive than the TRS.

    do you have any preference on checkering? cuz theyre pretty much on opposite ends of that spectrum.
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  5. I have a TRS and it's a very good shooter. I never saw a NN, except in photos. I ask why the NN is better, because I saw a Guncrafter thread where someone said it's better than a TRS. Personally, again, as a shooter, I can't imagine what a gun could do to be a better shooter than a TRS. That's why I'm asking.
    Thank you.

    Do you guys hear voices too?
  6. I like it better than my Baer Concept V and think its very comparable to my SRP.
  7. drc767

    drc767 Navy CSAR

    I have both. I think the TRS is an excellent pistol for the price point ($1,500-$1,700), but is not in the same league as the NN for several reasons. They are both similar in the fact that they are both very reliable pistols. The No Name is a much more refined, nicely finished pistol. The TRS shows machine marks and is a solid, no frills working 1911 with a blued finish that starts to show wear from the minute you take it out of the box. The Guncrafter is much more of a refined finished pistol. The attention to detail with the No Name is much more evident. It is, in my opinion, the best bang for the buck in its price point $2,300-$2,500...The Melonite finish is about as tough of a finish as you could ask for. Bottom line is this......both are very solid pistols, the Guncrafter is just a better finished pistol with much more attention to detail on the build. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the is a great pistol. That being said.......I would take the No Name over the TRS any day of the week without giving it a second thought.
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  8. That's a pretty healthy price jump for comparison sake. I would gladly own either.
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  9. Pro rate a pack of smokes per day. You've got more than enough for the NN plus a case of ammo.

  10. I'm not really sure how to respond to that statement except to say that the Baer 1911s have a very proven track record. Not to say there aren't shooters out there that have high round counts through their Guncrafter 1911s but they are far and few between. :dunno:
  11. Hopefully one of these days I'll pick up a NN and be able to tell you. I'll never sell my TRS though, I've shot every type of crap ammo I can find through this gun and it eats it like candy.
  12. cole

    Millennium Member

    The GN Commander has moved near the top of my 4.25" dream list: I prefer the Officer frame (e.g. LB Stinger), but might make an exception for the NM. Moot really as I'll never have those funds... won't keep me from dreaming.
  13. drc767

    drc767 Navy CSAR

    Fit, finish, refinement is not even in the same league. I have never had a malufunction with either of them. The TRS is about as basic a semi-custom fighting pistol as you can get, and is a great pistol. That being said, I would not pay $2,000 for one. The GC is well worth the price because it gets much more attention to the much more hand fit, filed, machined, ect. the Baer has a longer track record. If that is the only criteria, the TRS wins.
  14. I have an SRP, a Ed Brown, a Wilson Combat CQB, and a Colt. But after shooting and breaking down the Guncrafter and looking at it first hand. No words can describe just how sweet the Guncrafter is. FYI, I called ysterday and talked to who I am pretty sure was ALEX and he told me that there WILL NOT BE A PRICE INCREASE IN 2011.
  15. Its going to take GC a loooong time to match Les Baer's reputation. They're off to a good start though. :)
  16. As a shooter...a shooter.

    Is the GC NN equal to/less than/better than a LB TRS as a shooter? It's nice that the GC is so refined and pretty, but I'm not looking for a second girlfriend.

    Will the GC do anything the TRS won't do in terms of reliability, accuracy, and durability? Am I missing any of these characteristics with my TRS compared to the NN?

  17. Pretty is good and pretty is nice for taking pictures but the proof's in the pudding. :dunno:

  18. Both guns I'd wager will last longer than you care to shoot and are more accurate than you can probably reproduce. There's several high round count thread reports on 1911forum with Baer. My guess is that the NN would do the same.
  19. I would certainly think so as well.
  20. drc767

    drc767 Navy CSAR

    I am not sure what you are looking for, but my NN is making me a cup of coffee right now.....My TRS has never done that. Does that help answer your question? :)
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