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Gun Transfer in California - How much $$ is normal?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by harleygsb, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. harleygsb


    May 18, 2012
    What do gun shops typically charge for a private party sale gun registration (not sure of the correct terminology) in California?

  2. harleygsb


    May 18, 2012

  3. 4 glocks

    4 glocks

    Jun 29, 2010
    I was going to sell a handgun to someone in CA. Most of the local FFL in NC will not ship to CA. I found one that would ship to CA and he wanted 5 X more to ship to CA. I passed on the sale it was not worth the hassel and cost. Seems to me CA wants it that way.
  4. gumbee


    Mar 16, 2012
    Unfortunately for us, yes.
  5. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    Sounds like your local shop tried to rip you off. They're the shipper. They ship to the FFL in California and that FFL is the one that has to do the rest of the paperwork and handle all the California fees.
  6. Some people just like to get mad at us CA pro gunners for whatever reason they can made up.

    Thanks for having common sense and reasoning skill. :wavey:
  7. nbkky71


    Jun 24, 2003
    Davidson, NC
    I too had a similar issue shipping an XD45 from NC to CA. None of the dealers in CA would accept a shipment from an individual and none of the dealers in my area of NC wanted to deal with all the CFLC approvals & paperwork in order to ship. The one dealer that would do it wanted to charge additional fees.

    Is it a rip-off? Probably so... however when the options are that limited you don't really have much choice.

    I didn't feel too bad. The guy in CA that was receiving the gun had DROS fees, FFL transfer fees ($100+) plus taxes to pay. Plus he had to buy new 10 round mags for the gun since I couldn't ship the 13 round mags. He was darn near the cost of a new pistol by the time all was said and done.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2012
  8. Quiet

    Quiet Casino Goon

    In CA...
    All transfers must be done through a CA FFL dealer.
    There are a few exemptions to this, but most people do not qualify for them.

    CA DOJ makes CA FFL dealers charge a DROS (Dealer Record Of Sale) fee of $25, all of which goes to the state.

    In addition to the DROS fee, CA FFL dealers can charge a transfer fee to pay for the service of transferring a firearm.

    The cost to do a transfer between CA residents in which both parties are present at the CA FFL dealer is regulated by the state. So, per CA laws/regulations, a CA FFL dealer can not charge more than $10 to do the transfer.

    The cost to do a transfer in which the firearm is being shipped to the CA FFL dealer by a non-resident, another FFL or a CA resident is not regulated by the state. So, a CA FFL dealer can charge any amount to do this type of transfer. Transfer fees range from $50-250 depending on the CA FFL dealer.

    There are no CA laws that mandate a CA FFL dealer must accept a shipment from a FFL only. It is up to the individual FFL dealer in which they will accept a shipment from a private party or FFL only.

    The CA FFL dealers I've used in SoCal have charged me:
    $35 ($25 DROS + $10 transfer) when both parties are at the dealer.
    $75 ($25 DROS + $50 transfer) when the firearm is shipped to the dealer.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2012
  9. Merkavaboy

    Merkavaboy Code-7A KUZ769

    A person here in CA cannot have a handgun that is not CA approved shipped to a FFL in order to purchase it.

    Example: you want a Bren Ten 10mm and someone in NV is willing to sell it. The gun is transferred to a CA FFL. That FFL dealer cannot lawfully sell it to you because he is having to take it into his personal inventory. He is unable to enter the required info into the DOJ computer system because it is not a firearm that is on the DOJ's "not unsafe" list. The CA FFL would be literally be buying the gun from an out of state FFL seller. The CA FFL is now prevented from selling that "unsafe" gun to anybody but LEO's.

    If it is two CA residents that want to do a private party transfer of that Bren Ten, then this is allowed because both parties are present and doing the paperwork and both parties will undergo a background check. Also, DOJ does not allow out of state residents to sell their handguns to a CA resident in person to person transactions. Only CA owned guns can be sold to another CA resident in PTP transactions.

    Back when specific CA laws were passed regarding the safety tests and creation of the "not unsafe" list, ALL handguns that were in the FFL's inventory that did not meet the criteria to be on the "list" could not be sold to citizens; only LEO's are allowed to buy those guns. This is why many CA gun shops have guns marked "LE only".

    So if "Bob's Gun Shop" has a Colt Diamondback that they purchased many years before the "not unsafe" list went into effect, us common folk cannot buy it, but a cop can. If I went to "Bob's" with that same Colt in order to sell it, they won't buy it from me unless they want to sell it to a cop or out of state, but I can place it on consignment in order to sell it to another CA resident and do a PTP transfer. And if I want my gun back for any reason I have to undergo a new background check with required fees to do so.

    Clear as mud, eh?
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2012