Gun show prices today.

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  1. Went to a local gun show today here in eastern KY. These are the prices on some of the items I was curious and/or interested in. Which prices do you think were reasonable? I marked my choices with an *.

    Walther PPX 9mm. $439*
    Ruger LC9 w/laser. $499
    Ruger LC.380. $349*
    Colt LE6920. $1780-$2200
    Colt 6920SOCOM. $2000
    Ruger LCR .38. $409*
    Ruger LCR .357. $469
    Sig p938. $769
    Glock 19 gen3. $579
    Glock mags. $60
    Remington Nylon 66. $450
    Beretta M9. $599*

    I bought Magpul SGA 870 buttstock. For $99 OTD.*

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  3. Jason D

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    The Walther, Glock, Beretta, and Ruger LCR's aren't to badly priced. Perhaps about 50 over on the G19. I'd say 50 bucks over what I would pay for an LCP9 with laser, 349 over what I would pay for a LC380, 800 to a grand over what a Colt AR is worth.

    I have no interest in Nylon 66's, or Sigs.

  4. skeeter7

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    That's pretty much what I've been seeing but I would have jumped all over that Sig P938 for $76 bucks. :tongueout:
  5. What the heck is a Walther XXQ ??
  6. Glock mags are $60? Wow... I remember I bought them for around $22-25.

  7. Lol sorry meant $769

  8. Should have said PPX. Sorry. I fixed it.
  9. LOL - thanks and no problem. Glad to see they are starting to show up. I am looking for the new PPQ M2 with five inch barrel to show up soon also.
  10. I went to one here in NY. Worst show ever. 11/2 hour wait to get in and everything way overpriced. Marlin .44 lever for $1K. Mosin Nagants $350. Just disgusting. Nothing worth buying.
  11. Had a gun show in Charlotte today. I saw on the news the traffic on the interstate was backed up for a mile on the exit ramp. Said they had to get extra police for security. Also stated the building was at full capacity and they had to limit how many people were going in. Sounded like it was a real madhouse.
  12. Glock mags were $45 here in WV today new glocks $580 but .223/5.56 went for $1 a round

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  13. tedwhite

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    Sooner or later, the scarcity of ammo and the inflated prices for it will kill gun sales.

    What good is a handgun with an empty magazine?
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  14. Yep I was at the one in Charlotte today. They announced over the intercom that the fire marshall shut the admissions until more people left.

    Got there around 9am and it was retarded packed. Had to stand in line while it was snowing. Needless to say there weren't many deals. Two of my friends picked up a bitone XDM for $600 and a M&P 9c for $500. Nothing to write home about but they won't lose sleep with what they paid.

    Honestly I wouldn't bother going as its so packed. Had a couple friends show up after I did and leave after seeing the line lol. I'm sure its not worth going to most gun shows across the nation until things die down.

    Saw the Walther PPX for $399, thought that was pretty interesting. I also saw a Sig P224 and was surprised by how compact it was. I thought it would be bigger than it actually is.
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  15. Highway robbery here in Charleston. Even cheap AR's started at $1,500. Saw stripped AR lower receivers for $400. Ouch...

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  16. The beauty of HK. MAgs were always $45. Still are...
  17. The beauty is that you've ALWAYS had to pay outrageous tinfoil scare prices for mags?!? Yeah, that makes sense lol

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  18. nathanours

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    The "beauty" of HK. The guns and mags were both overpriced, and continue to be so.
  19. Three weeks ago at the Greensboro NC gun show. 22lr were the hot item. Fed. 550 bulk packs were $70.
    GI AR mags $30. Not many people were buying.
  20. Forgot to mention, a guy was selling coffee cans of mixed .22 lr for $100. Loose handgun ammo .32 up to .45acp $1 to $2 each. Not collectible stuff, just individual Winchester white box. Just think 50 rounds of .45 $100.......
  21. Bruce M

    Then the box of 100 .45 rounds I saw for 80 was somewhat of a "bargain" yesterday but the individual 50 round boxes of .22 for $15 each were a bit overpriced.

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