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Discussion in 'The Georgia Club' started by 9mmVagabond, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. I live in the Conyers - Covington area and haven't really seen any gun shops around here. I went to Piedmont Outdoors, but they only had Taurus and used Glock handguns. I've tried pawn shops as well, but nothing worth noting. I'm mainly interested in Beretta and SIG-Sauer, if you know of some good gun shops within about 50 miles please let me know.

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  3. insanity.


    Ed's Pawn in Stockbridge has a nice selection of guns. I got my glock from them and was very pleased by their service and selection.

  4. Did you go to Elite Pawn , in front of the jail ? Peach state in Covington has AR / AK stuff , cans etc. Several Con-Cov folks on Ga Packing , at least 1 LEO that I know of. Hilltop Pawn in Snellville, had 1 or 2 plastic Sigs , and some USA PX4's and 92's on Sat. Oh they had a GSR Sig used also.
  5. insanity.


    They got a nice selection there? Im literally looking at it right now. :cool:
  6. Ed's has a decent amount of Beretta's but not very many Sigs.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, Hopefully I'll be able to visit a few of the shops mentioned tomorrow.

    I've seen a few Beretta blued 92's around, but I'm looking for the 92FS Inox the Italian version.
    Most places don't seem to carry it in Inox (stainless).
    I've seen it on for about $680, but I would really rather pick it up in person. Also if I go to a dealer I'm fairly confident that I will be able to talk them down on the price or get them to include some extra mags or something.
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  8. 2@low8

    If you want a 50 mile radius, there is Franklins in Athens, Clyde Armory in Athens, and Sporting Arms in Winterville.

    Take 138 out of Conyers to Monroe, take 78 to Athens, at the end of 78 bear right onto Altanta Hwy,

    Clyde Armory is on Ben Burton Drive, while on Atlanta Highway turn left at the Adcock Furniture store on the left, then first right onto Ben Burton Road, Clyde's is about a block down on the left, brick building.

    Turn left out of Clydes parking lot and go to Cleveland Road, turn right and go one block back to Atlanta Hwy, Turn left and go two blocks, Frankilins is on the right.
  9. Thanks to everyone who posted, I checked out most of the places that were listed.
    Elite Pawn was closed when I got there, so I went a little further to EDs, and found a pretty good deal,
    they didn't have the stainless version, but the blued version is cheaper anyways.
    heading back in a few weeks with cash. I'll be getting a standard 92FS, and my dad is getting the 90-TWO.
    I've been trying to get my dad to get his carry license for a while, but he is insisting on waiting till I can
    get mine in a few months.
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  10. Autreys Armory is a gun shop and shooting range in
    Fayetteville, Georgia which is about 25 miles S. of ATL.
    They have a very good selection of Sig's, but I'm
    not sure on the Beretta's. They have a website
    and you can give them a call before visiting.
  11. Dixie ammo dump ''the ammo dump if you call 411'' in Braselton ga is the best gun store around northeast GA JMHO.
  12. My favorite is 400 Jewelry and Loan in Dawsonville. They are like a crack dealer for me.

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