Gun Owners need to do their part in real gun control

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by ScottieG59, Jan 26, 2013.

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    I'm not sure such belts are available, but women should take reasonable steps to avoid potentially dangerous situations. They have a responsibility to use good judgement. If they willfully put themselves at risk for fun, excitement, because of bad judgement or impairment, they are somewhat at fault for harm that may befall them. Accountability counts in all matters where we have choices.

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  2. TDC20

    I don't disagree with anything you are saying, Scottie. Except that the federal government will not leave us alone no matter how responsible we are or what safety standards we create/follow. What you seem to be forgetting is that firearms safety has nothing to do with this recent commotion about bans and needing more gun laws. Neither does the death of 20 children. Sen. Feinstein had her new AWB ready and waiting for the opportunity to roll it out and exploit the next tragedy (remember Rahm? "Never let a crisis go to waste.") They don't care about mass killings, or they would have been doing all of this when the nut in Aurora shot up the movie theater. You know why they didn't do anything then? Too close to the election!

    Obama and the Democrats have been lying in wait (pun intended) until after the 2012 election. This has been their agenda all along. They have jumped at the first opportunity to exploit a tragedy.

    Don't ever forget what these politicians want. It's not about public safety or stopping crime. It has always been about a disarmed public. For every bit of evidence you can come up with to try to prove me wrong, I will produce 10 times that amount of evidence to prove I'm right. This is how they think. You better start thinking about how you're going to beat them at this game. You're not going to do it by buying a safe and locking up your guns and somehow proving to them that you're worthy and they don't have to take your guns away to make everyone else safer.

  3. So is this a personal responsibility or should the government come to the rescue and ban mini-skirts? :supergrin:
  4. PhotoFeller

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    Hold on, bud! Lets not go overboard on this female accountability stuff.:whistling:
  5. Excellent post, I concur! :cheerleader:
  6. RussP


    Is this a true statement? "Law abiding gun owners are not responsible for the overwhelming majority of gun violence."

    Is this a true statement? "The overwhelming majority of gun violence is traceable to street criminals, gangs, home invaders, _______ (you fill in the others)."

    Is this a true statement? "Those responsible for the overwhelming majority of gun violence obtain some of their firearms by theft from law abiding gun owners."

    Is this a true statement? "No law abiding gun owner wants their firearm used to harm or kill others."

    Is this a true statement? "It is every law abiding gun owner's personal responsibility to keep their firearms out of the hands of those responsible for the overwhelming majority of gun violence."

    Thank you...

    We keep telling EVERYONE that to reduce crime, get guns out of the hands of the real perpetrators of violence. Whom do we blame when it isn't done? Cops, prosecutors, judges are the first, right?

    Then when they ask how secure was your weapon that was stolen then used to rob the convenience store where the clerk was murdered...what? It was in my bedside table, the top of my closet away from my kids, etc. Is there mention of a Liberty safe, a Cannon safe, a "Whatever Brand" safe?

    Children are killed by firearms. A far greater number than Sandy Hook. The numbers are still included in the counts of Death by Firearms. What is the greatest cause? Is it secured firearms or unsecured firearms? Where lies the responsibility for securing those firearms?

    Personal responsibility, that is what this is about.
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  7. RussP


    Then why ask why Lanza's mother did not secure her firearms? Why did she leave them where he had access to them. Without that basic, preventive measure, he obtained the tools he needed. That opened the door to those murders.
  8. RussP


    Politics suck, huh?
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  9. No, I tell my legislators that violent criminals do not belong on the streets where non-violent folks live.

    It is impossible to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Countries with very strict gun control have armed criminals. If gun control is supposed to reduce crime, why does it never accomplish that goal?

    And any time someone uses the phrase 'gun violence', you know that their agenda is NOT to protect children or reduce crime. Their agenda is to disarm the populace. Otherwise they would be talking about violent crime or murder, not just focusing on 'gun violence'.

    And the answer to your other questions is 'true'. Many studies have been done. Look them up yourself. Google is your friend.
  10. Need to lock the criminals up for longer sentences. No need to make homeowners get safes.

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  11. RussP


    Thank you for answering and for the suggestion.

    The questions are rhetorical ones.

  12. RussP


    You quoted only a part of my comment.

    Why are you telling legislators criminals need to be taken off the street? Legislators make laws. Do you want them to create more laws? They do not investigate, arrest, prosecute, or sentence violent criminals.

    I forgot lenient parole boards in my list. :faint:

    What do you want your legislator to do?
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  13. RussP


    Again, where is there a suggestion that securing firearms in certain ways would be mandated.

    This is about everyone taking personal responsibility voluntarily.

    Do you disagree that securing your firearms is a responsible act?
  14. eb07

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    Can you point out where in the Bill of Rights safes are mentioned?
  15. You should check out a YouTube video call security on sale.

    They show two guys take less than two minutes to break into average gun safe. Guess what would be in there. All your guns, not mine. Nobody can find all my guns.

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  16. RussP


    What came first, The Bill of Rights or a person's responsibility for their own actions?

    The Bill of Rights is meant as protection from the government.

    We are personally responsible for our safety, correct?

    Reducing the risk of gun theft and any resulting crime begins where?
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  17. Jerry

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    [sarcasm]It's right after where it says Scary Black Semi Auto = "assault weapon" and shall not be infringed does not apply to them. Guess you didn't get the memo. ;) [/sarcasm]
  18. RussP
    We are already seeing it in NY's new law- the requirement to have a safe to keep guns locked up- but like the UK they (NY STATE POLICE ) have to certify the safe! If they don't like it No guns for you! It's in Feinstiens new AWB as well! I'll say it again no compromise. I'm done with it! Stay the hell out of my life FEDS! There are way to many so called gun owners more then willing to just bend over an take it without lube!
    If your so willing just to fold and give up your God given rights -just go turn your firearms in and be done with it! Your not helping us that believe in our right to own , carry with out Government "Infringments"!:steamed:
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  19. RussP


    Did someone mandate you take measures to secure your firearms, or did you personally decide to do so? Do you believe you could be considered a role model for responsible gun ownership?
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    This may be the subject for a different thread, but is to the point of responsible gun owners...

    Read a story in the local paper about a 6 year old finding a loaded gun in her home and shooting herself in the head. Killed her instantly. The article, written by an anti-gunner, then went into a rant about this being another reason why "guns are bad".

    My point, similar to the OP, is simply that we all need to be careful when securing our weapons, whether against theft or from access by young children. We don't need to give any more fodder for the gun-grabbers to use against us.

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