gun ban on state gov't campus

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  1. just received an email re: new security measures.

    "As part of ongoing security improvements to Indiana Government Center, effective June 4, 2007:

    Weapons are prohibited on the Government Center campus.
    State employees will be required to use their security access cards to enter the State House during regular business hours.
    The number of public entrances to the State House will be reduced to two.
    All State House visitors will be required to use one of two public entrances to access the Capitol building: The upper level east entrance, near Capitol Ave. and Market St., and the lower level west entrance (ADA compliant), accessible via the Robert D. Orr Plaza. These entrances will be equipped with metal detectors and screening devices that will be monitored by Indiana State Police Capitol Police. A third entrance, located on the upper level of the buildingÂ’s south side, will also be outfitted with security equipment and may be used to accommodate large crowds as needed.

    State House visitors will be required to pass through metal detectors and all bags and packages will be x-rayed and subject to hand inspection. Those with pacemakers, defibrillators or other medical devices need to first notify the Indiana State Police Capitol Police officers staffing the entrance. A search will be conducted with a hand-held metal detector.

    Similar security measures will be implemented in the Indiana Government Center north and south buildings in early 2008."

    there it is :(
  2. We've got at least two other topics discussing this. Plus it's the thing we were all fussing over in February.

  3. Ignition

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    this made it almost sound like college.... whew was i gonna get MAD!(er than i already am)
  4. it is an exact copy of the email i received roughly a week ago in my .gov email address... i would say it is different.
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    Well, here's my email to Lt. Gov. Skillman.

    "Lt. Governor Skillman,

    I am writing you because I am very concerned about this so called "Statehouse Security" issue. I know from your record that you are a supporter & defender of our gun rights. I have also sat in on a meeting of the Homeland Security committee in the past.

    What can be done about this? I am sure that you are aware that Indy is experiencing a rise in the crime rate. This new policy will force law abiding, tax paying members of society to leave their guns, knives, even pepper spray in their cars. This means that they will be defenseless to, from & at the statehouse. In addition, it makes these tools much more likely to be stolen, by criminals to use in even more crimes.

    For reference, Alaska, Minnesota, Utah & West Virginia have no metal detectors and allow persons w/ carry permits access. Furthermore, Kentucky, Texas and Virginia do have security check points, but those w/ carry permits show their ID and walk through.

    Gov. Daniels stated at the time he signed the Lifetime Carry Permit and "Castle" law that "this is 'your house'". If this is true, why is "the help" telling me I can't carry there?

    Thank you for your time & I will await your reply.

    Speedway, IN"

    And everyone else that I can think of that might be willing to get this abomonation changed! Already called my state Sen. & Rep. (again!). I'm awaiting their return phone call (which I do usually get).

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