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Guam Marines

Discussion in 'The US Marine Corps Forum' started by Bill D, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Bill D

    Bill D Millennium Member

    Aug 31, 1999
    Acworth, Ga.
    I was stationed on Guam in 67-68 at Delta Co. at the Naval Magazine.
    What is the latest word on bringing the Marines from Okinawa to Guam - possibly 8000 people.
    I would love to take a trip back after 40 years and tour my old haunts, including a trip from Mt. Lamlam to Feena Lake on our base. Boonie stomping at it's best. Is the Town House department store still there-american woman watching at it's best.
    Thanks for any responses.
  2. joel724


    Aug 3, 2004
    I wasnt at Guam, I was at Subic Bay, however when I went back to the fleet, alot of those Guam Barracks Marines were in my unit and they were tight! I went to Guam during Tandum Thrust in 93 I think?