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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by tomgunner, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. is it just me or why does it seem that the GT site is running slower than ever when I change from thread to thread...any techies out there want to respond?? of all the gun forums that i go on, this one is the slowest. does it have to do with all the graphics/ads loading each time??

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  2. might just be you, i'm not having any problems from either of my machines at my desk.

    you haven't provided enough of a description or technical details to be able to provide a 'techie' response to.

    you could try this, when it's running slow:

    open a command prompt, then do a:

    and paste the results.

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    Firewall? Type of internet connection? Router? Switches? Wireless? ISP? Location? Browser? Other computers on network? Speed of network? Other programs running on your computer? Torrents? etc etc etc
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    Yeah, I thought it was just me. Been 2 weeks now. The other thread suggested the black ticker? :dunno:
  5. I've noticed the same thing and I've tried using both my work and personal laptops, my wifes laptops and our home desktops and they all work slow from thread to thread.
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    A little slow for me also................
  7. The black scroll line is done with Javascript.

    If you think the slowdown is caused by that then go to the tools menu in your browser and temporarily turn off Javascript, then refresh the page to see if things speed up. The black scrolling marquee will no longer be there.

    If it's still slow then go back into tools and disable images for Glocktalk. That will stop all the image loads. Some of the images come from an ad server '' or from a Glocktalk subdomain ''. If either of those is slow serving an ad image it could slow down the page population, depending on your browser.

    If you turn off Javascript to remove that workload, and disable images so you're not pulling them off three different servers, you're down to just a text file of around 200K. The browser should be able to load and render it pretty quickly.
  8. I'd PM Eric before voicing this sort of thing in the Forum... but thats just me..


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