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Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Shooter64, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Is the lack of ammo availability affecting the GSSF match turnout this year?
    My dad and i are thinking about shooting in the Monroe, LA match in a few weeks. He's having terrible finding ammo for the match and to practice with. Anyone else having the same problem?

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  2. Not that I've seen so far (Clearwater in January and Orlando in February). It only takes about 2 boxes per category to shoot a GSSF match. I'd think it would affect the amount of practice people do, and so maybe their performance, long before it affects match turnout.

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    So far, from the Orlando, Griffin and Prospect Hill matches I have attended, I would have to say the number of shooters are about the same. Some may not be shooting as many catagories but I think even that is still high in numbers.

    Eaters have to eat, shooters have to shoot; were there is a way, there is a will.:cool:
  4. DannyR

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    420 entries at Prospect Hill, NC--a 1st time match--braved the ammo shortage.:cool:
  5. I'm glad to hear that.

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  6. I spoke with one of the guys from the Griffin Club and they were expecting more numbers. The growth exhibited last year will not continue if the ammo shortage exists.

    I spoke with two different shooters at Prospect Hills who said they brought .40 calibre Glocks because that was the only thing they could find ammo for.
  7. Don't remember if you and I talked or not, but I am from Griffin GC as well and we had a major State Steel Challenge Match the first weekend of March and then two weeks later the GSSF Match. My first hand conversations with shooters fell into two categories:
    1. The more casual shooter who depends on "cheap retail" ammo, was affected. Either they didn't shoot(most likely) or they only entered one division.
    2. The seasoned shooter, who also travels to matches away from their home, tended to shoot but shot fewer divisions than usual so they could budget their ammo for future matches.

    This was the case for both of these matches.

    Time will tell, but for the seasoned shooters at matches that have been going more than one year, I think if you counted bodies instead of entries, the numbers would not have been down for our two matches and in my opinion will bode well for future GSSF matches this year. Unless of course this shortage becomes extremely protracted.

    IMHO :wavey:
  8. I was at a gun show Sunday where I saw more 9mm ammo than I had seen in a long while. Maybe 10 or 12 cases but costs were running .55 cents a round. Wasn't a lot being bought either.

    I should be good until July then I'll make the decision how much I want to spend to shoot the rest of the year.


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  9. Blackwing in Columbus Ohio cancelled their indoor GSSF citing lack of ammo.
  10. Since the December Newtown, CT shooting and resulting "ammo drought":

    GSSF match attendance 2012 vs 2013:

    Clearwater, FL - 2012, 487 entries. 2013, 487 entries. No gain/loss.
    Las Vegas, NV - 2012, 331 entries. 2013, 299 entries. Down 32 entries.
    Orlando, FL - 2012, 680 entries. 2013, 683 entries. Up 3 entries.
    Griffin, GA - 2012, 876 entries. 2013, 713 entries. Down 163 entries.

    The average size of the above matches is 545 entries!

    Add in this past weekend's (new for 2013) Prospect Hill, NC match at 420 entries and GSSF is averaging 520 entries for five matches!

    So, is the ammo drought having some effect?

    Probably, yes.

    Are the matches still monsters in size?

    Again, yes.

    I would guess that people are dialing back their practice sessions, and shooting their available ammo at the matches , where the awards are.
  11. i agree your getting good turnout but for the guy that just bought a gen4 g17 i am having doughts cause practice is needed.
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    Yes practice IS needed.

    And during shortages I would hope people find better ways to practice like dry firing for one example. With the ammo shortages we need to evermore, make each practice count. We can no longer afford to just plink away at the target wishing for better hits and discipline to evolve.

    Snap caps across the country should be getting a heavy workout between matches now.
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    I have enough supplies to shoot a couple of matches, one entry each, after that I am done. Unless I can get ammo or more brass I won't shoot anything but my supply of Blazer. I don't mind leaving brass for the ROs, they deserve that and a lot more, but not if it is irreplaceable.
  14. It is just a matter of time.

    Scarce ammo and the price of gasoline could force me into a new hobby at some point down the road.

    I think making moonshine to pay my taxes would be a poetic consequence
  15. If you RO, you can shoot early (like late on a Friday) and pick up all your brass. It's what ROs do for one another.
  16. it has impacted my efforts to shoot my first GSFF match this year. I plan on shooting in Montgomery, AL the first weekend in June.

    Currently, I have enough on hand to shoot the two divisions I want to compete in. However, as a first time competitor, I'd like to practice a few times before then.

    I would be open to suggestions on how to accomplish this feat!
  18. I will be buying some of the snap caps soon. I also like this practice suggestion. 1 box workout by Paul Markel. It's better than nothing.
  19. See you guys there tomorrow.

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