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Discussion in 'GSSF' started by camario, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. I just entered my data from Griffin. It was very easy. Thanks for the great app, camario!

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  2. Glockrunner

    Glockrunner HOOYA DEEPSEA

    I just tell my DROID to hold my beer and watch this! Don't need no app.......:rofl::supergrin:

  3. Been playing with it today so far everything works really well except when you get to majorsubbb it won't calculate three rounds per target it's looking for six.
  4. camario

    camario Glockaholic

    Oops. That's a bug. Sorry about that. I'll fix it and post a note here when it's been submitted to the App Store. It can take a week from that point before it gets released,

    Any other problems arise let me know or send a email to tech support:

    support AT pacificmicroconsulting DOT com

    And thanks to everybody for their kind words.

  5. This is great, just downloaded it and started playing with it. Although I only plan on one match this year, can't wait to use it then

  6. OK, for a bit of a review. So far, I have only entered data, took a few hours going back thru the results on the GSSF web site. I have shot 1-3 matches per year since 2002. I had been keeping track of raw times on a spreadsheet. Since I no longer had the actual individual times or penalties for each stage of each match, I just made up the numbers to fit the scores as posted in the results. For example, if the time was 31.23 for 5 to Glock, I entered 10,10, 11.23. For penalties, just made them add up correctly. By the time I did that, it was late so I have not messed with the reports yet. OK, I am kinda obsessive about things like this, but really like the app and appreciate the work that went in to it.
  7. camario, Conyers is not in the list of matches and the G36 is not in the list of guns. One other thing that would be nice is to have the entry number field default to the numeric keypad instead of the alpha keypad.
  8. Great, just put some data in, thanks a lot for doing this!

    Just think in 10-20 years this is how scoring at the match will be done :rofl:
  9. A little optimistic, I think! :faint:
  10. malladus

    malladus Glock Whore

    I used it this weekend at Monroe and it performed well.

    I used some down time at the hotel to go back in and add older matches. Took me a few seconds but I figured out to add matches not in the list, put I. All my various ammo used, added a few guns to the list as well like the 36 and two different open guns I've used.

    Still liking it a bunch.

  11. I totally missed that. Thanks!
  12. malladus

    malladus Glock Whore

    Took me a few accidents to figure it out.

  13. And a few more accidents to learn how to delete them.

    I downloaded it and like it. He also has another app that keeps track of ammo which I like too.

  14. Really liked the graphical displays after I got the data in, great for showing trends and seeing where I have not practiced a lot. I did see a couple matches not listed in the drop down and just added them myself.
  15. By then we'll be shooting at transparent kevlar-screened iPads that automatically calculate your score and reorder all the ammo you just shot from iMart.
  16. THIS! Oh and that blank button in the bottom left where the * would be on a cellphone. Make that a tab key so you can cycle through the cells easier for us sausage fingers.
  17. Got all mine and my son's matches entered over the weekend and I really like the reports and graphs. My one thing to add would be placement in youth categories for my son. His overall rank is not always so good, but he seems to compete fairly well against his own age group. Seniors and ladies might want to see this as well.
  18. camario

    camario Glockaholic

    As I said that's a bug and I'll ship out a revision ASAP but in the interim just add an addition 3 shots to the A/B ring so it totals to 6 and you scores will be correct. :cool:
  19. In 2 years, I could see an app for RSOs that would scan a competitors bar code for automatic squadding purposes. First scan to get on the FIFO list, 2nd scan to get squadded up next.

    Then the RSO who's scoring could enter the numbers and take a photo of each target and the shooter can scan their barcode as signature confirmation.

    Using something like this, I could see GSSF officials having scores tallied throughout the day, and formally posted in record times... If not same day real time leader boards and all that fun stuff.

    Many ranges are very remote, so data collection can't rely on a cellular signal, but perhaps a mobile wifi hotspot with a master application running that would query all the different shooting bay's tablets and download all the stats and photos. Something the GSSF officials would carry around and could regularly pull the data.

    It would only slow down the scoring of the targets by a few seconds each.

    Perhaps the RSOs could record video of the COF and software could imbed a clock for timing purposes... Of course microphone sensitivities might be a difficult issue with some shooting bays so close together.

    Perhaps the video is just a backup or a pleasant feature for shooters to download at a later time.

    Lots of ideas. I'm a software developer, I just have zero app dev experience... Something like that would take a small team working on the different components.

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  20. That might make scoring a bit slower, but the speed in the squadding process would make up for it!!

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