GSSF in the Tri-State Area?

Discussion in 'Tri State Glockers' started by Rich, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Rich

    Any shooting events sponsored by GSSF that are close to NYC?


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  3. Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club has the GSSF for NJ every year. The club is in Jackson NJ (10 minutes from Six Flags) and I believe that its in July or August every year.

  4. nicfit212

    nicfit212 Exiled Urbanite

    They have one in October at the Pine Barrens range in Long Island. I've never been to the place but I've heard it's fantastic:
  5. i attend both the jackson nj match and the long island ny match. both are very accessable from the city. 2 hours travel time not to bad if you leave early enough to beat the traffic
  6. This is a pretty old thread, but does anyone know if it's ok to travel to the Jackson, NJ event if you have an out of state pistol license? Are there any specific references to statutes, rules or regulations that say its ok?
  7. ImpeachObama

    ImpeachObama Fuhgettaboutit

    Federal law. Keep everything locked up in the trunk in locked cases. Ammo in a separate case from the pistols. Drive straight to the event, don't make any stops. Don't stay overnight in NJ. Get gas before entering and your good to go. The event is in the middle of June, I think the w-end before Father's day.

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