GSG-5 Stock cracked

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by jetdefiant, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Anyone know of a site that sells replacement stocks or maybe even a more durable aftermarket stock? (non collapsable)

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    Redwolf airsoft or Cobra airsoft

  3. FLIPPER 348

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    You can get real HK MP-5 stocks with some slight mods to fit the GSG from a seller on ebay.
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  4. Deployment Solu

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    I have a Choate Machine & Tool side folder on mine. I have the original stock I's sell you for $50.00 shipped. It is like new.

  5. BMH

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    You might want to check this website out:

    They sell all kinds of things for the GSG-5. Slings, stocks, magazines, ect.
  6. You can find another OEM stock and "spray foam" it.
    I added @ 130-150 pennys into my stock while foaming it.
    Stock feels very solid now and it is better balanced as well.
    If you try this,make sure you plug the "pin holes" and corners
    around the sling strap.

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