Grip suggestions for Smith and Wesson J Frame (old model 36 - sq. butt)

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  1. Here's a pic of my gun. I searched all over for Hogues that fit this but can not find one. Just placed an order for a set of these:

    But honestly I'd rather hogues. If anyone knows of any or has any other grip suggestions please let me know.

    A pic of the gun is posted below. I honestly don't see how anyone can get a good accurate shot/grip on this gun with a grip that skinny. And my hand hurt like hell after putting about 30 or so rounds downrange. My shots were WAY off too. I have had a snubbie with hogues before, and I know 38's aren't the most accurate shooting guns but I know I can get better shots than I'm getting with better grips. I CC this gun from time to time so I wanna be sure I can hit my target, always.

  2. I have the same gun, and the same problem. I purchased the Pachmayr grips when I carried this as a backup gun for many years. For concealed carry I went with Tyler T- Grips.
    An aluminum piece that slides in between the wood grips behind the trigger guard. They are not rubber but they do fill your hand a bit more and don't add to the bulk of the gun like the rubber grips do.
    I would also be interested to see if anyone else has some better ideas.

  3. So how were the pachmayrs? I've read 2 reviews. One had 5 stars the other had 4. Was the bulkiness your ownly complaint? I think they'll be fine, they don't seem any more bulky than hogues. But then again, I don't really have much experience with either.
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  4. As far as grip, they are great, makes shooting that little gun a lot easier. For shooting you will love them! A 100% improvement over the wood grips.

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