Grip Extension on G26 - Yes or No?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by jthrelf, May 15, 2013.

  1. Who uses grip extenders on their G26 magazines? Do you find them necessary or do you just prefer the stock flush floor plate?

    I'm considering adding a G26 for another carry option. Currently its either a snub (LCR) or G17 so something to go in between those two in terms of size/capacity would be nice.

    My concern is basically "needing" the grip extenders to have good control, but then having ability to conceal being hindered.

    I suppose draw is easier with extenders as well. But then with the extenders, going to the G19 might not be much more of a step up, and you get the extra 5 rounds.

    Insight is appreciated :cool:

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  3. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher

  4. I don't think they are necessary to shoot the baby Glocks well. But, YMMV.
  5. Warp


    I've had a Glock 26 since 2005. For five and a half of those years it has been my only daily carry gun. I have a stock flush fitting 10 round mag, one with the GAP ledge that was linked above, a +0 Pearce pinky extension and a +2. I also have plenty of 15 and 17 round magazines (and a G19 I've had since 2009).

    I primarily carry with the +0 extension, but I do often use the GAP baseplate from concealablecontrol as well. The most noticeable difference I see is in the draw, although follow up shots do seem to be faster (haven't tested enough with the timer to quantify it).

    This inevitably turns into a discussion about "why put an extension on a sub compact instead of just getting a compact?".

    Well, in my (extensive) experience, a sub (like a G26) with a +0 pinky extension carries/conceals better than a compact (like a G19). It's very easy to grow a sub, but not so easy to shrink a compact.

    Bottom line:
    If I could only have one gun, it would be a Glock 26. For my birthday later this year I am fairly certain I will be getting a second Glock 26. The G19 is nice, but it cannot do what the G26 can...while the G26 can (basically) do what the G19 does.
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  6. Perfect post
  7. The G26 is such a soft shooter that i came to the realization that the pinky finger is way over rated and totally unnecessary for good marksmanship.
  8. I totally agree that the grip extensions are not needed to control the g26.

    I do carry mine with the 10 round mag and the gap floor plate for a more secure draw.

    I also carry (2) spare magazines on my week side; either (2) 10 round Mag's with the +2 grip extension or (2) GLOCK 19 Mag's with the xgrip sleave, but that is only for higher round counts for reloads......not for added control.

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  9. Warp


    I should specify...I never carry with the stock flush 10 round magazine any more. I haven't for a long time. As soon as I tried those GAP floor plates they took the place of the flush mags. I personally see no reason at all to carry with the stock regular flush plate when you can go with the GAP plate instead.

    And I checked my mags, I don't have any with the stock baseplate anymore. They all have GAP plates now. Or a +0 pinky extension or a +2.
  10. The Faux King

    The Faux King Carry the Zero

    I have been waiting for the opportunity to try the gap plates for my G26. The grip is fine for mr and I don't need a place for my pinky, but I would like to see how they effect the draw.
  11. Try will love them!

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  12. I carry my G26 with the GLOCK 12rd mags.

    hard to find, not cheap, but they are worth it!
  13. I carry the 10 round in weapon and a 17 round mag as backup...
  14. Get GAP floor plates and a set of Talon grips. It makes a great little gun even better. G26 rules the sub compact world!! IMHO.

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  15. The Faux King

    The Faux King Carry the Zero

    Once I find someone at the range with them on their magazines I will make my decision -- I am too cheap to shell out $20 for something I may or may not like!
  16. If you go with any + extensions stick with the Glock factory extension. Tried some others but found the Glock OEM were the best. My opinion of course.
  17. I use Pierce +0 extensions once-in-a-while, but most of the time, I use the flush mag. When my GAP floorplates arrive, I have a feeling I'll be using them all of the time.

    For me, the +0 extensions are concealable, but I prefer to carry at 3:00, and they poke out just a hair. They don't offer very much in the way of retention during the draw, so I generally don't bother using them. I just carry my 19 if I want a bigger grip.
  18. I bought my safe queen g26 used from a friend. It already had pearce extension grips on the mags. I'm sure I'd have no problem shooting it without them on there, but I will say I do like them, and have no plans of removing them. They really do not play a part in trying to CC the pistol.
    Being that they were on there when I got the pistol I always forget they were an add on accessory.
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  19. I use the Pearce PG 2733 +1 floorplates on my G26. Supposed to be +1 for the G27 and G33, +2 on the G26, but I have to force (using an UpLULA) the 12th round into the magazine, so I carry with 11.

  20. pipedreams

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    Carry 10 rounds in weapon with the GAP plate and 17 round mag in the truck.
  21. LOL Yea that's another feature I always took for granted and never give much thought when using the Pearce extension grips. +1 capability. I never even tried to put the 12 th round in the mag.. Thought it might be putting a little to much pressure on the mag spring. 11+1 in a pistol the size of a g26 isn't bad.

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