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Grip dimensions G20sf

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by gwsanfor, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. gwsanfor


    May 9, 2011
    I'm losing my resistance to buying a 10mm. I have a G19, G22, G34, and G26. Looking at the dimensions of some Glocks with which I am familiar, I cannot detect much difference between the grip dimensions of the G22 and the G20sf, to which I am leaning, except that the G20/G20sf grip is 0.10 thicker. I take it that Glock does not show the difference in grip length on their product page. I believe the SF models have a smaller grip front to back, but can anyone tell me the difference between the two, and the difference versus a G22/G17? The G22 feels quite comfy in my hand, does that at all suggest that the G20sf will fit me about the same?

    My problem is that no 10mm Glocks seem to be available in NC, and I would prefer not to have to drive to Ed's Public Safety in GA to hold each of these guns. Thanks.

    29, 5.97, 4.45, 1.28, 3.78,32.98
    29sf, 5.97, 4.45, 1.28, 3.78, 32.80
    26, 6.54, 4.17, 1.18, 3.43, 26.10
    19, 7.36, 5.04, 1.18, 4.02, 30.16
    17, 8.03, 5.43, 1.18, 4.49, 32.10
    22, 8.03, 5.43, 1.18, 4.49, 34.39
    20sf, 8.07, 5.47, 1.28, 4.61, 39.51
    20, 8.23, 5.47, 1.28, 4.61, 39.68
    34, 8.82, 5.43, 1.18, 5.31, 32.80
  2. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    Jul 22, 2011
    NE Oklahoma
    I know the difference in grip length between the G20sf and G20 doesn't seem like much on paper, but you can really feel the difference.

    The 20 and 21 are made with the exact same frames, so if you can find a G21sf to hold, that is exactly how a G20sf would feel.

  3. cablecutter


    Jan 21, 2010
    Provo, UT
    Agree! I love the G19/23 grip and the sf is a tad bigger than that. My dad has a G20 and it feels like I am holding a brick. I still love the gun but if I was buying a G20 I would not buy it if it wasn't a SF version. get the SF! I have never heard people complain about it. Very few people prefer the standard frame. Once you hold a SF, it will be a no brainer the SF is the one to buy.

    I have no idea why Glock didn't make the G20/21 originally with a SF. (probably wouldn't be called SF but you get the point) going from a G17 or a G19 frame to a G20 is a huge difference.

    I have a G29sf and love it!
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  4. DWARREN123

    DWARREN123 Grumpy Old Guy Silver Member

    Jan 25, 2008
    Clarksville, Tn.
    I can easily tell the difference in the grips on my G22 and G20SF, G20 fills the hand quite abit more.. :supergrin:
  5. Yep, exactly the same for me as well.
  6. Gwsanfor, you are geeking out over this, bro. If you like the frame size of your 22/34 etc., you will like the SF model 20. The full grip is a bit much, but the SF models are close and feel pretty good in my hands. Go get one and don't look back.

    If you put your calculator away, girls might come sit at your table.
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  7. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    Jul 22, 2011
    NE Oklahoma
  8. jeffreybehr

    jeffreybehr Silver Member

    Mar 14, 2009
    Phoenix, AZ USA
    gwsanfor, I apparently have </SCRIPT>small-to-medium-size hands. The gen-3 full-size grips are just small enough for me, while the Gen-4 31 I bought recently feels considerably smaller and better without any backstrap added. I just bought a 20SF, my 2nd--sold the first--because I seem to be obsessed with hi-power pistol cartridges...note the 2 357SIGS I have. The 20SF is barely small enough for my hands, and after I finish load development, to be sure I have a couple PD loads I love, I'll have its grip reduced. I find the Glocks' swell at the bottom-rear of the grip to be the part of the grip that feels 'too-biggest'.

    I've measured the grips of my 31G4 and 20SFG3. Measuring front-to-back and at 90 degrees to the line of the front of the grip, the 20SF is longer than the 31's by 0.08" in the top finger groove, 0.10" in the 2nd groove, and 0.08" in the bottom groove.

    I think that if a Gen-3 fullsize grip such as your 22's is very comfortable for you and NOT too long (front-to-back) for your hands, an SF frame might also feel about that good...but the 20SF frame is bigger, if only a tad.
  9. dl645


    Dec 22, 2011
    Cleveland, OH
    I definitely feel the difference between my G22s (Gen3 RTF and Gen4) and the 20/21s. Before ordering a 20SF, I was found a local shop that had a variety of G21s. Gen3, Gen3 SF & Gen4. Out of all of them, the Gen3 SF felt the best to me so I got a G20SF. Glad the Gen4 didn't feel best as I would have to wait for Glock to start making a Gen4 20!
  10. gwsanfor


    May 9, 2011
    Thanks, all. The G20sf arrives tomorrow.
  11. gwsanfor


    May 9, 2011
    FYI anyone considering a G20sf, I got mine and ran 300 flawless (locally available weak PPU 180gr JHP, American Eagle 180gr FMJ, and Blazer 200gr TMJ) rounds through it yesterday. It does not feel any bigger to me than a G17/22. The gun is stupid accurate out of the box, and the recoil is no worse than anything else I shoot (that may change when the Underwood, Hornady, and Georgia Arms ammo arrives today, and when I get the shell plate in to load more interesting rounds). Going to chrono everything Saturday.

    It's my new favorite Glock. Oh yeah, and I got the Armorer's price from Ed's Public Safety, shipped overnight. Ed's totally rocks.
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  12. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    Jul 22, 2011
    NE Oklahoma
    I knew you'd really like it! Really did not think it would be your favorite Glock after 300 rounds though! That is awesome! The Glock 20sf is one fine machine, and accurate to boot. The ammo you shot was .40sw power, so its not a surprise that you didnt notice the recoil. Once you load up some hot rounds, or run some underwood, or buffalo bore through it, you will notice quite a bit more recoil. It still isnt all that bad, definitely nothing to worry about, just letting you know you got quite a bit of fun to have, and that your G20sf can handle loads that are A LOT heavier! It still tames them quite a bit though, so it doesnt hurt and is still a lot of fun to shoot! I really dont think a snubnose 10mm revolver would be much fun to shoot....
    Im having trouble shooting left with mine, well the last time I went out I did anyway. I hadnt shot it in over a month, and I didnt warm up at all, just aimed at a target and unloaded a mag on it. All the bullets were on the left side of the target, grouped approximately 3-4" to the left of bullseye. I think I was flinching pretty bad also, havent had many problems with flinching in the past, and I can dryfire over and over again and not flinch once, but it is a whole different ballgame when there is a round in the chamber! Needless to say Im not real confident in my shooting abilities right now, I just hope I dont have a need to use it until my game improves. Well, I worded that wrong. I dont want to have a need to use it AT ALL, ever. I just mean, if I do, I hope it isnt in the next two weeks...

    Sorry for rambling, got a little off track there. Anyway, congrats on the gun, and Im really happy you like it. But, now that you are officially a member of the 10mm community, you are now obligated to spread the word to others! Anytime there is a thread started where someone is asking for opinions on what their next gun should be, you are obliged to refer them to the G20, or G29, and steer them to the 10 ring for more advice, opinions, and knowledge on our beloved centimeter cartridge.

    Now go! Run like the wind, and spread the word about the 10mm! Be fruitful and multiply!
  13. pizza_pablo

    pizza_pablo USN Retired

    Oct 23, 2009
    I am definitely shopping for a 10mm Glock. Probably a 20sf.

    My question is how does the Gen 2 20 grip compare in size to the Gen 3 20SF? I have found a Gen 2 20, locally.

    Does anyone know of a reference source for grip dimension (front to back, side to side. Either inches or mm) between the different generation and sizes (ie: full size 9/40, 20/21 Gen 2/ Gen 3/Gen 3 SF)?
  14. popb935740


    Jan 11, 2015
    I have a G20, a G20SF, a G22, a G23, a G32 and a G19 all Gen 3s and 1 G23 Gen 4. All but the G20 Standard frame feal the same
    Go for the SF they both are awesome guns and fun to shoot but the SF has a better grip more like the G22.

    Stay safe, shoot often and GOD bless America
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