Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Scooter921, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Who is planning on coming ? looks like the weather is going to be nice cross fingers
    Hope to see everyone there
    and we got pink for ladies so get them quick before they are gone
    see ya there

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  3. looks like the weather is going to be nice cross fingers

    Your forecast looks better than mine but I'm still coming. See ya there

  4. Don At PC

    Don At PC Senior Member
    Millennium Member

    I will not make it this year as I will be at the Daytona 500 with several members of my family.

    Good Luck everyone and "Go Team Carver"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bob and I are coming, and helping out this year. :wavey:
  6. GSD17

    GSD17 Thread Killer

    I plan to be there on Sunday.
  7. House guests for me for 2 weeks. The frozen north has sent many scrambling to get to SW Florida this year.
  8. I hope to be there, hoping to be the only competitor in the Pocket Glock category!

    Even if there are ten, I'll still have a good chance at top ten! MAYBE even if there are eleven entries (no promises).

    Hoping to shoot Civilian, Heavy Metal, Major Sub, Competition, Subcompact, and Pocket on Saturday... we'll see!!!
  9. I'll be there, which ever day the weather is better :whistling:
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  10. Glockrunner

    Glockrunner HOOYA DEEPSEA

    We will miss seeing ya but will maybe catch you at the next. Enjoy the races!
  11. Don At PC

    Don At PC Senior Member
    Millennium Member

    Good Lord willing you can count on it, I am going to try and shoot between 15 - 17 this season traveling alone. As soon as I get back from the race I should have a pretty good idea and can send you a list and maybe we can get together for diner with many of you at some of them like we used to do.

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  12. I will be there on Sunday and may be bringing a first time shooter.
  13. Ditto.
  14. were is this Griffin at ?, State ?, City ?. thanks
  15. thanks, long drive for me.
  16. As usual...I live three exits north of there, but I got weekend duty that weekend...:sigh:
  17. You really need to begin to look up these matches (which are listed for the entire year) at

    Anyone who is shooting or considering shooting GSSF should have read that site through in its entirety - including the rules.
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  18. ede

    ede Bama's Friend

    I got confused and showed up in Griffin 3 weeks ago. Chris and Scott were there too adding to my confusion.
  19. Steel match?

    I just got back from some practice at my club and someone before me had the target stands in a 5TG set up. Probably roadkill hoping for another gun win :supergrin:

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