Greetings glocknation! from KC

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by Reconinforce, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Hi all. Just joined up and wanted to say hello.

    Just getting into the glock world and looking for my first model. Moving away from rifle/1911/xd and want to get acquainted with a g19 or g23.. still deciding and looking for a deal that speaks to me. :wow:

    Hope everybody is having a great evening and maybe I can meet up in the KC area for some range time in the near future. Later!

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  3. Howdy! I'm in Topeka not too far from ya.

  4. Folsom_Prison

    Folsom_Prison Brew Crew

    I'm damn close to KC myself. Where do you shoot at?
  5. I shoot at The Bullet Hole (Shawnee mission) or Bass Pro in independence. Would love to find something better but still looking.
  6. Folsom_Prison

    Folsom_Prison Brew Crew

    Check out Parma woods in parkville, it's ran by the state of Mo, three bucks an hour and they supply the targets. The only downside is no rapid fire. The range goes out to a hundred yards.

    Theres another range just like it out near independence but I can't think of the name. Also check out OMB in Olathe, its indoor and that was the nicest range I've ever been to! They have full auto you can rent if you got deep pockets.
  7. Welcome from Leavenworth, as far as Parma woods goes cheap but can't fire faster that one round per three seconds gets old fast.
  8. Yep. The local ranges do not allow much in the way of quick target acquisition. I need to buy up some land or make a new friend. :)
  9. oily_oink

    oily_oink ###########

    :welcome: From Michigan!

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