Greetings from Oklahoma

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by Terry - Muskogee, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. I'm beyond a newbie - haven't bought a gun yet, but am looking to get a concealed carry Glock 17 9 mm. Looks small, yet certainly powerful enough to have some stopping power, if needed. Is this a good beginner gun for a 67-year-old guy who does a lot of interviewing throughout south-eastern Oklahoma, both city and rural.

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  3. :welcome:

    As for the G17, its big for concealed carry, in my opinion. I'd ask your questions in General Glocking. This is just an introduction subforum.

  4. Welcome! And I will agree that the G17 may be a bit big for concealed carry, but that's just my personal opinion. There are lots of people who do so and have no problem with it but you may find it seems bigger once you start carrying it everyday.
  5. TSAX


    Welcome, I say go with the Glock 19, its more concealable and still gives you 15+1

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    :welcome: From Michigan!
  7. Welcome from St. Louis MO!

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