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  1. Hello Glock-A-Teers, I am a retired fire captain from a family most of which are in public safety, even some cops in the bunch! But we don't hold that against them! I have been using Glocks, mostly .40 caliber with 9mm conversion barrels but it took me a long time to except the plastic pistol as real as steel having been primarily using 1911's since my teens. But a co-worker talked me into taking the plunge about six years ago with a G22 Gen1. No matter how hard I worked at it I could not and never did get it to fail to feed, fire or cycle! Since I use mostly my own handloads I was able to throw the kitchen sink at it and the toy gun never skipped a beat. I have enough faith in the make that I carry daily the midget form of it a G27 Gen4 after someone relieved me of my Gen3 last year! Adding the Wolf conversion barrels I have found that the interoperability is right up my alley, so I gues I am a fan although I will always be a die hard 1911 guy, mixed with some Sig for flavor! Anyway, if there are any folks ni the central part of AZ who want shooting partners I have the time and love making noise.

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  2. :welcome: to GT, from an Adirondacker (NE NY).

    I'd like to visit your area one of these years. I think a recent flight to Hawaii had a stopover in Phoenix, and that's as close as I've gotten.

    Anyway, when/if I do, I'll help you make some of that noise!

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  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. :welcome: Enjoy GT....................
  6. My first handgun was a gen 2 G22. A great start for a great hobby!

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    Hello...and welcome aboard...
  8. Welcome! We sound similar as I am primarily a 1911 shooter sprinkled with a few Sigs. I have recently added 2 Glock's, a 23 and a 17, and am enjoying them thus far. The 23 has now worked it's way into my carry rotation.
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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