Greetings from across the pond!

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by taffbanjo, Jan 13, 2013.

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  2. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Skeeter.
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    Well Yeah!
    Been to the UK plenty, got spoiled.
    Tallgrass Brewing and Summit Brewing are putting out some serious competition though.
  5. ChrisJn

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  6. I hate to admit it but I've had some pretty fair beer from micro-breweries in the Nashville area but I can't remember the names.

    Don't think I don't like American beer - you're talking to a man who had his first Budweiser and first Schlitz on the same day in 1962 - in Yorkshire!
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  7. Thanks very much!
  8. We should be so lucky. We'd probably have to pay the Brits too much to get Piers back there. Welcome aboard, Taffbanjo.
  9. Diolch yn fawr!
  10. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Agreed. I'd make that trade in a heartbeat. I'd even call Jeremy Clarkson to be there waiting.
  11. Mr Spock

    Mr Spock Vulcan

    Damn foreigners coming here and don't even speak English.... :)

    Welcome aboard.

    Out of curiosity, do you own any firearms anymore, or is it too difficult of a process now to deal with?
  12. Thanks very much - good to be here.
    Not even the US has got that kind of money. I don't know if you've come across Jeremy Clarkson, who fronts Top Gear over here, but Piers Morgan is the only person he's ever hit in fifty-odd years of life. He broke a finger doing it but reckons that every second of pain was worth it.
    Nobody can be so unlikeable without a great deal of effort - I hope he's being paid an awful lot of money so he'll want to stay.
    Sorry guys - it's every nation for itself.
  13. I can see from the reply above that you do know Jeremy - he's very mouthy and non-PC but a good guy at heart. I'm afraid we've decided to keep him - Sorry again, guys
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  14. WT

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    I've been to Blighty a number of times, usually staying at a hotel on Buckingham Gate. Several evening strolls brought me to the attention of the coppers around Scotland Yard. We talked about the Glock 17s they carried. They were envious of my Glock collection.
  15. Thanks very much but I'd like to point out that we've been teaching English to the English for centuries - and they still make a hash of it. I replied in Welsh because you obviously have at least one of God's people living amongst you.

    Own a hand gun? It's almost impossible and Blair closed down all the gun clubs and ranges at the same time, without compensation. Defend your State's rights, or you might end up like us!
  16. Thanks very much!

    No doubt they were and rightly so but at least they get to shoot theirs on a fairly regular basis. I've also read today that our Armed Forces will be issued with Glock 17s to replace the Browning Hi-Powers we've had for over 50 years. I learned on a Mark 1 in the 60s, without ambi-dextrous controls. Which is why, as a lefty, I learned to fire with both hands. Ha! At my present stage, I'm not even sure any more which bit of the gun I should be holding.
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  17. Mr Spock

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    Embrace the American South and try them with barbecue sauce. You'll never ask for mayo again.
  18. Embrace the South! I already feel cheated if I get on a plane and it doesn't end up in Nashville. On my last visit in 2009, I was disturbed to hear a distinct Tennessee twang in my voice towards the end of the vacation. It took months of elocution therapy to get rid of it.

    The barbecue sauce is fine - on barbeque - but chips and fries were made to be eaten with mayonnaise. Sorry - that is an eternal truth.
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  19. Welcome. And I have to say I know what you're on about with the fries and mayonnaise.

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