Greatest Mountain House Sale Ever: 35%-off meats and more!

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    February 1-15 is our Maximum Mountain House Sale in which every Mountain House freeze dried #10-can listing is discounted the maximum-allowed 25%! But beyond that, MH is allowing an extra discount of another 10% off select varieties that will provide you with the best discounts ever on Diced Chicken, Diced Beef, Ground Beef, Cottage Cheese, Raw Egg Mix-Uncooked, and Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham & Peppers. That's 35% off those items ... and 25%-off everything else!!

    Of course everything always ships free to the continental U.S. ... and our buyers club members reap extra Mountain House Buyer Rewards that their MH can-case purchases may qualify for ($20 in a gift certificate for every 3 cases purchased in a transaction!).

    Free Big Berkey for qualifying member purchase (does not need to be MH).

    Also, 6-month interest-free financing via Paypal's Bill Me Later!

    Shop here and get your larder topped off for the dark days ahead. Mountain House food, the best quality storage food in the world, with 30-year shelf life, is shipping promptly right now, so there's no better time.

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  3. Be Forewarned: The Mountain House Factory is going to be getting swamped with orders this month. It will be a big test for their increased order-processing capacity. Right now, as we start off this huge freeze-dried storage food sale, orders are shipping out to you fresh from the factory within 2-4 business days.

    But in a short time, that period will be extended. I cannot tell at this point how long those processing times will reach. That big month is already "baked in the cake" as it were. But if anything of importance happens out there in the world that opens the floodgates for new preppers to sweep in (as we have seen happen a few times in the past), then all bets are off. If you are planning an order for these unprecedented discounts, then I recommend doing it quickly to ensure prompt delivery.

  4. Getting swamped with orders ... must reiterate the warning above about supply/demand
  5. and again
  6. Free Big Berkey for qualifying member purchase (does not need to be MH).

    Also, 6-month interest-free financing via Paypal's Bill Me Later!
  7. Down to the last few days

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