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Greater Pitt Gun Club to REopen again

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Glockers Club' started by deutscheglocker, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I received a message on my answering machine today from Tex out at Greater Pitt Gun Club.

    He said the gun club is REopening NEXT weekend but he will also be there this weekend if I wanted to come out to shoot.

    He asked that I spread the word.

    There was absolutely NO additional information in the message.

    I don't have any particulars on whether or not it's open to public ( I am making that assumption but I am a paid up member so that part is not a concern I have), members only , cost for range fees, or any other answers to the numerous questions starting to be asked on the PAFOA website.

    I would suggest calling the club yourself if you have any specific questions.

    When he reopened months back, I went out for a single session. Tex took my dues card which had not been used because of the club being closed and extended the date for a year at no additional cost to me..

    As I said, I have NO more info.

    Take it for what it's worth. If you liked the club, go out and shoot. I might be hesitant to renew a membership until there is a definite outcome to the status of the club.

    For information only.

  2. Vitamin G

    Vitamin G Got G?

    Sep 10, 2003
    Great news!

    I'll be making the trip often from Monroeville. I dunno what it is, but i'm just comfortable there. I wish a club closer to me had such open doors/policies as GPGC. I can't fathom the idea of paying for a membership and only being able to use it certain days/hours.

  3. VitaminG,

    Pitcarin/Monroeville Sportsman's club is an excellent facility. No mag limits or rifle capacity limits. You can draw from a holster. The range is nicer than GPGC but I know what you mean about being comfortable there

    Are you on the Pafoa site? They have a group shoot the second Sun of each month at PMSC. Last mo there were 95 shooters. Month before, 60+ people showed

    I got a membership there last Jan.

    My problem is the hike. Best time for me to there is 50 min.

    GPGC is 20+. I just can't seem to get it together to get out to PMSC often enough.

    I was going to join Forest Grove just for a closer place to shoot.

    I'm heading out to GReater Pitt tomorrow.


  4. Vitamin G

    Vitamin G Got G?

    Sep 10, 2003
    The other issue with PMSC is that the rules just seem so inconsistent and disorganized. On the website, it listed "Thursdays open to the public", so i went. Some guy who lives in the trailer said "Yeah, its open to the public, but there's no range officer. He only comes on Wednesdays".

    I mean what the hell?

    Plus, i like being able to pay $6 to shoot all day. I refuse to pay money, just to have the privelege to pay money.
    Duquesne University pulls that same crap. You can buy a $600 parking permit for the garages, or a $35 permit that allows you to put coins in a parking meter every 2 hours.

    Not only that, but GPGC will basically let you shoot whenever. I work odd hours, and don't really have a set schedule. I'd never make it to the mandatory meetings that PMSC makes you attend the first year.
  5. kswiss2783


    Jun 25, 2005
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Where is the Greater Pitt Gun Club anyway??
  6. I also just got a call from Tex and it was my understanding that they will deffinately be opening this weekend. My assumption is that since he also told me to spread the word, that everyone is invited. I just checked and their website is still down.

  7. kswiss2783.

    Parkway west to 22/30 west.

    Midway/McDonald exit. At the end of the ramp, go left and an immediate left again.

    Go about a mile to a mile and a half to the MouseTrap Bar. Make a right.

    Go another mile or two. You should see a small sign that says Greater pitt gun club. Bear right. This is actually the first right hand turn after the Mouse Trap turn.

    Go another half mile and the entrance is on the right hand side.

    You will drive right up to the clubhouse.


    Edit. Frank, the webmaster hasn't been given the go ahead to reactivate the site yet.
  8. Vitamin G

    Vitamin G Got G?

    Sep 10, 2003
    Made it out to GPGC. Man, i missed that place. Did some 30-06 with my savage and garand, some 10/22, and plinked a bit with my BHP.

    I felt like I was back home.
  9. mrglocks

    mrglocks Cookie Ninja

    this is awesome considering i live in langeloth/burgettstown area it's 10 miles away from me any details on how much a membership and dues are??
  10. novaDAK


    Apr 17, 2006
    shhhh! Keep it down! We don't want everyone in the state to know our little secret about greater pitt being open! hehehehe :)

    I heard about this last week, can't wait to make it up there again like I used to so frequently before the shutdown :)
  11. repooc

    repooc Millennium Member

    Sep 26, 1999
    The burg
    I used to shot IDPA at GPGC. They always had a great set ups and real friendly people. I hope it returns there next year.
  12. I cut and pasted this from a thread at Pafoa.

    It was just ever so slightly chiily there this morning with the thermometer I took hovering at about 3 degrees.

    I stayed just under 2 hours and went up to the clubhouse for a hot coffee after shooting.

    Loading mags with driving gloves was a bit more difficult than without and I didn't even try with the .22 conversion unit for my Glock32.

    I set up one target stand and one steel spring 8" round target.( this is a 8" round piece of 3/8" steel plate welded to a piece of 2" steel pipe which is welded to a spring mounted on a baseplate)

    At 10 yds, there seemed to be no problem with getting about 4" COM early and a bit better with more shots fired. This was Glock 23.

    I pulled the Kahr and did 2 mags of head shots and grouped well.

    Tape was out of the question as it froze and /or was not manageable to cover target holes so the balance of shooting was at the 8" round steel. I went through phases of hitting it regularly and then not doing so well.

    I started at 10 yds,fired 2 rounds,came to Sul position,turned uprange 5 paces, turned and fired 2 more at this interval till I was out to 50 yds and had better than expected hits.

    All in all I fired about 200 rounds. Half and half with Glock and Kahr (.40 and 9mm)

    I had 2X cheaters on and still had a bit of a problem focusing on the front sight but the eye focus problems are never consistant as the cornea scarring looks like there is a feather or lash in front of my eye. If I move my head a bit , it seems that I see a bit more clearly, but I haven't figured out exactly what I have to do to make that happen every time. Speed of shooting causes more erratic hits as the ability to focus quickly isn't there.

    I toyed with the idea of going cross dominant but think I would have to start from scratch in training to do so.

    So all in all, I was able to hit fairly well, I have two mags for the Kahr which may need to be replaced as they didn't allow the slide to remain open after the last shot (perhaps the cold was reason).

    I talked to Tim about possibly setting up a Pafoa group shoot in the spring and will further this idea with more time.

    We did have a Glocktalk group shoot at GPGC about 3 or 4 years ago.

    Later guys,

  13. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    Sep 20, 2003
    Penn's Woods
    :wavey: Well, it's good to know that you've returned to the firing line!

    Don't be too reluctant about attempting to shoot with your non-dominant eye. You may remember that I'm ambidextrous; it might help you to know that when I shoot with my other hand, I aim with my other eye. The only time I seem to have a problem with this is when I'm using a shotgun and, then, only on moving targets.

    (I became this way when, as a young boy, my right hand was severely injured; and, I had no other choice, but, to learn how to use my other hand for awhile.)

    It's amazing what you can do whenever you get your conscious mind out of the way; and, there's nobody around to tell you that it can't be done! Why not give it 30 days, a few boxes of ammo, and see what happens? You might be pleasantly surprised.

    Glad you're back at it, again, Hans! :)
  14. arjohnson


    Mar 21, 2002
    I was at that group shoot, it was a good time and would'nt mind doing that again.
  15. Vitamin G

    Vitamin G Got G?

    Sep 10, 2003
    I'd definitely like to attend some kind of group shoot.

  16. I am going to try to get something set up at Greater Pitt this spring.

    I started attending the Pafoa group shoots( every month on the second Sunday from 9am to 1 pm)at Pitcarin Monroeville Sportsmans club and they have had as many as 95 participants.
    They run a shoothouse (IPSC style), they run a steel bay, the main range (30yds) is reserved for paper and is split between rifle and pistol. They had another bay with a Texas Star rotating target. It's a pretty neat shoot.

    I helped with setup, RO, made a steel swinger target and some steel spring targets and also helped out with cooking breakfast and lunch a couple times.

    After about the 6th or 7th groupshoot, they adopted IPSC rules to where the range is 100% cold. No loaded weapons. All firearms visibly locked open. I have trained to be armed anytime I can. I understand that so many brand new shooters pose safety issues to the point that a shoot of this magnitude necessitates having a cold range. I choose not to be unarmed so have not attended any further shoots.

    The March shoot will be the first full auto shoot and will extend beyond the normal 1 PM ceasefire. You would have to read that thread (lengthy) to see what the availability of shooting someones automatic firearm would be.

    Anyone here that may be interested needs only to register on the Pafoa forum(free) to attend and I believe there is a $5 groupshoot charge unless you are a member of PMSC and if so, the shoot is free.

    Here are the links to the 2 upcoming shoots.

    ARjohnson, I remember you knocking the steel plates off the stands pretty easily down at the pistol bay. What did you pay for that 6920? I just got another Bushy upper with a thin profile 16" bbl. I may sell my other Bushy upper/OA lower to fund one.

    As far as anything definite, I have to talk to the new owner/manager and get specifics on costs, range policy, bay reservations etc, etc. If they require a cold range, I ****can the idea. Chances are good that if I can get it set up, I wouldn't be doing much shooting but monitoring what's going on.
    If this thing happens, I'll post it here and on the Pafoa site.

    David. Hi. Good to read from you :)
    I have tried to shoot with my nondominant eye and it works well until speed increases. I don't have the non dom eye shooting ingrained into muscle memory so when I shoot more quickly, my sight picture goes to the dom eye and I go back and forth so there would need to be a considerable amount of repetition to correct this.

    The pafoa site is partially down now for upgrades but should be back up ASAP.

    I only get back to this site every now and then but I'll keep anyone interested posted with progress.


  17. arjohnson


    Mar 21, 2002

    If you do get a group shoot organized keep us updated, it was definately a good time. As for the 6920, I sold it and prefer now to build my own AR's. I really don't think the Colt's are worth the money compared to what else is available, I have a Stag M4 that I built that is my favorite AR and for the money they are hard to beat. Yes the steel plates were a blast to shoot, I also got away from 1911's now and prefer to shoot Glocks. Maybe even an IDPA shoot or something similar would be nice also. Thanks for responding and hopefully we can get something organized.

  18. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    Sep 20, 2003
    Penn's Woods
    ;) An old trick: SQUINT WITH THAT DOMINANT EYE; and, you'll have no choice, but, to use the other eye. After awhile it'll become stronger; and, you'll get used to it! I'd love to return to Pittsburgh for another shoot; if I do, I want to see you shooting as well as the last time! :)

  19. I just found some archived Glocktalk pics. I didn't take many.

    The Pafoa site lets us store about 100 pics.

    Any of you guys venture onto that site? They have upwards of 5000 members now, mostly from Pa. It's civil and a pretty decent site.