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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Glockers Club' started by 9mmLuva, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. 9mmLuva

    9mmLuva Vote 4 Pedro!

    First of all let me tell you that I believe we should have stickies for FFL transfer fees and addresses etc for different areas. Hello mods :) .

    I'm about to buy some guns online and was looking for an FFL today that still had sane transfer fees. I used to do my transfers at Donn's and they used to charge me $20, everything included. Donn's apparently is history now and I couldn't find the "new" store on 309 for the life of me. They say it's Lenn's or something now but I couldn't see it even after driving almost an hour on both sides of the 309. There is no phone number or anything for the new store on the i-net, either.

    Here is what I could get today. All prices are current as of 01.03.2005

    Let me begin with the ones that raised my blood pressure a bit:

    1. Classic Pistol $35
    2. Tanner's Sport Center $40
    3. E F Precision ( They are listed as Transfer FFL on AK-47 net but they didn't have an idea about the whole "gun thing" when I called them today ;Q )
    4. Greg L. Johnston Ent. (I got fax signal when I tried their "phone no" all day today)
    5. Mike & Kates Sport Shoppe $35

    Somebody please give me a few names that charge you around $15-$20 for transfers. I personally believe that it's what they should charge us for 2 minutes of paperwork (maximum).

    Feel free to list your favorite FFLs and their fees. Thanks.


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  2. 9mmLuva

    9mmLuva Vote 4 Pedro!

    And these are the UNCONFIRMED ones. Again, the fees and any other info ARE NOT CONFIRMED. Call them before making any plans to use them for your transfers. I've gathered their names and fees etc. by searching gunbroker's, shotgun news', firing line's and a few other sites' FFL lists.

    I'm hoping that you would come up with good info that would help me to find my next "regular transfer FFL".



    Greg L. Johnston Ent.
    1438 Easton Rd.
    Roslyn, PA 19001
    Better Bullets
    124 W. Church Road
    King Of Prussia, PA 19406
    (610) 491-9901
    _______________________ LLC
    1039 Winding River Lane
    Phoenixville, PA 19460
    $20 for transfer

    Ron's Gunsmithing
    2504 Clayton Street
    Boothywn, PA 19061

    Alan Fishbein
    P.O. Box 1222
    North Wales, PA 19454

    Len's Guns
    2328 Bradley Way
    Sanatoga, PA 19464

    PS. Anyone got a telephone number for what used to be Donn's (now Len's ???) ? Their old no is disconnected. I hope the new owners have realistic transfer fees as well.

  3. Jeep274

    Jeep274 Member When?

    My last dealing with Donn's left a bad taste in my mouth and I will not deal with them again. That was about a year ago. I don't have the phone number with me, but I'll check when I get home. Here are a couple I found a few months ago, but I haven't delt with any of them.

    Lowe's Certified Guns LLC
    521 W Butler Ave
    Chalfont, PA 18914
    phone: 215-822-1458
    fax: 215-822-1458
    First Transfer is free. Additional transfers $30.00 total inc tax and
    background check.

    Drew B. Daubert
    526 W 2nd St
    Lansdale, PA 19446
    phone: 215-885-5787
    I am a holder of a FFL who is starting a home based business buying and
    selling handguns online. Eventually I intend to open a gunshop locally. I
    keep a small inventory of handguns which are locked in my safe at all times.
    I will be happy to handle transfers for local people. Hours are by
    appointment only. Thank You.
    call first
    Transfer fee: $30.00

    Matthew Dorr
    176 Wellington Terrace
    Lansdale, PA 19446

    By the way, the Classic Pistol transfer fee you show is for in state transfers. They quoted me something like $50 for an out of state transfer. Good luck finding anything in our area under $30. I haven't yet. If you do please post it.

  4. 9mmLuva

    9mmLuva Vote 4 Pedro!

    thanks for the input. I'm so ticked by these prices that I'm seriously considering getting the FFL myself next year or so. I'm sure the money I would save by not paying for my own transfers and a few of transfers for other people on the side would pay for the expenses.

    BTW, how is "the first transfer free" at LOWE's ? How does it work?

    BTT, I think somebody said in his post that Rich Barlow of Choice Firearms in Levittown charged $20.

    Just got off the phone with him and he says he charges $31.50 not $20 ;Q .

    If still interested ...

    Choice Firearms
    Rich Barlow
    (215) 245-7211,
    212 Dogwood Dr
    Levittown, PA 19055
    $31.50 (has to be shipped to him through FFL)
  5. Jeep274

    Jeep274 Member When?

    I never investigated the Lowes deal. It may be a free transfer if you buy through them, but I don't really know. Might be worth a call. Is it possible to get an FFL without having a shop or business? If you do it, post your info on this board. I would definitely prefer to deal with a fellow GT'r than my local shops.
  6. targetmaster in chaddsford $50 what a rip off and I'm a gold card member.
  7. waktasz

    waktasz Gamer Scumbag ...transfers go thru the police supply shop, I believe I paid like $28 or so for it.

    The Firing Line in Whitehall charges $25 + tax
  8. I heard Abington gun sports is $20. Not sure if its true tho..

    I work right down the street..

    Im dealing with a guy in Warminster for a gun Im getting now and he gets $25. NO tax too:)

  9. Jeep274

    Jeep274 Member When?

    You've got a PM. :)
  10. FortyCaliber

    FortyCaliber 10millimember


    PM sent! ;a
  11. Guest

    better bullets (king shooters supply) in KOP is $25 for the first and I think $13 or $15 for additional transfers. I've always had great service going through them.
  12. As of 1/27/05:

    Firing Line Inc
    1532 S Front St
    Philadelphia, PA 19147

    South Phila Archery & Gun Inc.
    831-833 Ellsworth Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19147

    Rip off IMHO.
  13. Stainless Chili

    Stainless Chili Very concerned

    I think Jim charges $50 for an out-of-state gun.
    But they did sell a couple pieces for me, no comission.

    I took a gun from one Layton Fireng today. I got his name off His shop is low-key. Not a scrap of inventory.

    Just west of West Chester, on Rt. 3

    And the seller was from Oregon.
  14. I'm in West Chester, is he just EAST of West Chester on 3?
  15. Jeep274

    Jeep274 Member When?

    9MMluva, gunsndogs gave me this info for what used to be Donn's, now Dell's Firearm Specialists,Inc. 641 Route 309 Montgomeryville, PA 18936 215-412-4540 215-412-4541. If you are still looking.

    I am dealing with flyingn's guy this week for $25 flat. I'll let you know how it goes.
  16. is dell's prices any better? don's was a rip off place.
  17. Jeep274

    Jeep274 Member When?

    I don't know about Dell's. I haven't bothered to call them. Your dead on about Donn's.
  18. I just stopped in Dell's today. His price for a transfer is $30-complete. He also offers discounts for multiple transfers within the same month-just ask. All in all a much better attitude than Donns. Tim will help in any way he can. Very interesting collection of Nazi swords and daggers in the cases.
  19. How did the transaction go??


    I am dealing with flyingn's guy this week for $25 flat. I'll let you know how it goes. [/B][/QUOTE]
  20. Jeep274

    Jeep274 Member When?

    Hi Frank. It went great. Myron is a very good guy to deal with. He did the transfer the same day the gun arrived. Thank you for refering him to me. He will get all of my future business. Now I just have to make some time to get to Classic Pistol and shoot the new .38.:)

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