Great Weapon Lights at Wal-mart

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by youngdocglock, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. So i visited my local wally world today, went there to pick up a few hundo rounds of WWB .40 cal.

    While i was poking around i noticed they carry the Nebo PROTEC ELITE HP190.

    I was cautious as i was looking at it, seeing as i have a TLR-1s, TLR-2/2s and a X300, and the Nebo is only $40 while the above mentioned are $300+.

    But i figured if it sucked i could just return it so i pulled the trigger and took it home.


    190 lumens.
    300ft Range
    2 Hour run time
    Water Resistant
    Strobe mode!
    Power: 1 CR123A Lithium battery.

    So i got it home, took the scissors to the package and cracked it open.

    Its made of sturdy aluminum, with thick rubber gaskets closing in all the internal parts.
    It has a simple Right to left switch operation, Press the bar left and it turns on, press it right it turns off. If you press it left again within 4 seconds, it turns on the strobe. If you wait 4 seconds or more, it just turns on the light.

    It connects to the weapon easily, There is a screw on the left side that you can tighten the light down onto your rail with, However once you have it set up, you just press down on the screw, plus the bolster on the right and the light slides right off the rail with little effort *much easier than a TLR model*

    The battery is inserted in the front, by unscrewing the bulb housing. pretty simple.

    It is very light weight and MAN is this thing bright, makes my TLR-2s look like a AA mag light. but then again 190 Lumens vs. 160 does make a large difference.

    Overall for $40.........this is the best $40 light I have ever bought, well made, bright, turns on and off and has a strobe, what more can ya ask for :)

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  3. Seen the same thing but was wondering about the durability. For the price I may just take the leap and if it's crap then I can put it on a back up piece.

    Picked up a ProTec and it's okay. Due to the on/off switch design I don't see this as anything but a home defense light, for me.

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  4. ...and no pics?
  5. Im trying! but its saying im exceeding my limit by 64 KB. lemme see if i can take a smaller one! :-D
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  6. Why yes that would be it! My 20MP camera likes to take 5MB photos no matter what i try it wont let me post diddly squat. Thanks for the photo haha
  7. Haaaaa, I bought that same light at Wally-world this afternoon and have been trying to destroy it with my 870 ever since I got home. It has been flawless so far and brighter than my TLR-1"s. For the money it's gonna be hard to beat. I'll probably go get another later on this morning when the old lady gets up so I can tell her where I'm going. Beleive me if you can hurt it, I will. But so far it's trying to wear out my 870...
  8. I've put 400 through my G22 with it mounted. Nothing. dropped it, kicked it, threw it at a rock........bit scratched but hell it standing up great. I may buy one for every weapon i own with a rail at this price!.

    I may also just have to sell my TLR-1s tomorrow too...........and buy more Nebos haha
  9. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm off to Wally tomorrow anyway so I will look for one. I'd like to try and break it too and check it out.
  10. Turn down the resolution settings (pixel width & height). File size will drop substantially the smaller you go with the resolution.
  11. HKlovingIT. Its worth the cash. Buy 3 haha

    trip20, Thanks ill try that. I love this camera but sometimes it makes me sad lol
  12. Thanks for passing this along. :thumbsup: I'm going to pick one up on my next trip to Wally World.
  13. Thanks for the tip, hopefully the little Wally World in my town has them so I can check it out.
  14. $33.07 at (13 left in stock)
  15. stolenphot0

    stolenphot0 RTF2 Addict

    off to wally world I go for some
  16. Leave it to the glock owners to buy a product to put on there gun just to break it lol these are the threads that let me know im at home in this forum. thanks for the info ive been looking for a good light. I think ill pick one up today
  17. Thanks for the info. Have to pick one up
  18. janice6

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    Bring the picture into a photo editing program like IRfanview (free), and "Save as Jpg, then set whatever size you want it to be. No problem posting anything.

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