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  1. The lefties fell flat on their recall efforts!:tongueout: All that money spent, for nothing.

    Wanna kill these ads? We can help!
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  2. :rollsmiley:


  3. Just remember to get out and vote if this Walker recall takes place.
  4. My money is on Walker if & when we do have a recall election.
  5. i've been to some of the recall petition verifications, boy, from the looks of the petitions, the competition on the left is pretty light on intelligence. awful penmanship, spelling and no understanding of the petition rules, alot of them will be thrown out.:rofl:
  6. K Falk is lining up to run against Walker. She is a far left moon bat. The odds of her winning are very small.
  7. Thankfully the assembly is heavily republican, makes a nice safety against the dingbat Falk
  8. It looks like the recall election will be June 5th. Most likely it will be Falk against Walker.
  9. I voted for this primary last week, the official primary is today. It looks like it will Barrett against Walker for the real recall election in June. I can't see Barrett winning, but you never know. The dems were able to put a hold on the voter I.D. law, so they can cheat a little easier.

    If you enjoy WI concealed carry that's reason enough to go out & vote for Walker, friends & family too.
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    GB, WI here. I know of at least two businesses around town with massive "I STAND WITH WALKER" signs in front of their buildings. I have seen zero anti-walker signs outside of the suburban areas. Hopefully that's a good sign. I will be voting tuesday for who is currently the only polititian that I don't hate. :thumbsup:
  11. Walker is polling pretty good ahead of Barrett. I'm hoping for a good liberal spanking come June 5th. It's funny how you don't hear a peep about what the reason for the recall was reportedly all about, relatively minor collective bargaining reforms.

    I see IL is now trying to get State Government workers to contribute to benefits well above what's asked of WI workers. WI is also projecting a 154 mil $$ surplus next fiscal year, compare that to IL & CA. So much nonsense to put up with.
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  12. A vote for Scott Walker is a vote for common sense ! He has my vote hands down
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  14. In case you guys missed it, the Milwaukee Journal endorsed Gov Walker in the recall June 5th. This is like a body slam for Barrett. The nation Democrat party has quit funding any part of this recall election, no sense throwing good money after bad.

    Thanks again Gov Walker for WI concealed carry.
  15. I hope it goes well for WI.
    Your neighbors to the west a rooting for you.
  16. Just for the heck of it I walked in & voted early. No telling where I'll be on June 5th.:winkie:
  17. Things are looking good for Walker now, but anything can happen between now and June 5. I think the dems are hoping for a bombshell in the "John Doe" investigation. Whatever. Walker has my vote, and judging from the Walker supporters turnout on primary day, he's got many other votes as well.
  18. It's good to see some quality response ads recently from the Walker campaign.
    OTOH, I can't wait for it to be over. Even though I live in MN, most of my local TV stations are broadcast from WI, and the political ads are getting tiresome.
  19. Yeah, I'm getting tired of it too. I think there's very few undecideds left here, and I for one wish the election were tomorrow.
  20. I will go to vote and hope Walker wins, my neighbor is also being recalled he is the State Senator a really decent guy. I will vote for him too

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