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Got the Mech Tech

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by blackgun556, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. dixietoo


    Sep 4, 2012
    Phenix City, AL
    I am waiting on my G20 to get here. Soon I want to get the MT for it. Do you think an M4 stock with a cheek riser would be good? And that fore end, better than one that is perpendicular?
  2. blackgun556


    Sep 30, 2011
    here is a pic of the chamber support in the mt[​IMG]. I have a lw and a storm lake barrel and the support looks just as good. I have loaded pretty hot not to the full and have never had any bulges in new cases

  3. I was NEVER referring to the Mech Tech in .40sw, other than when i said i got the wife one for her glock. If you hear anything about the Mech Tech from me it WILL BE in 10mm! I have no worries of hot loaded 10mm rounds in mine. After many many many rounds through mine it is perfectly fine. If you read your manual or even call Mech Tech Systems they will advise you to run the warmer ammo.

    1600 fps with a 180gr XTP using Longshot is not hard to get with the 10mm Mech Tech. I know because this is what i shoot. Although i would be very surprised if one could do that with a .40sw using a 180gr bullet. I can tell you that i will never try that using a 40sw. The .40sw in no way can SAFELY equal the 10mm in ANY firearm. Like saying a .38 special can equal a .357 mag. :rofl: Thats my story and im sticking to it!!!
  4. JMag


    Feb 7, 2001
    USA:Love it or leave!
    Probably gets an "A"...

  5. dm1906

    dm1906 Retired SO

    Sep 7, 2010
    PRK (Kalifornia)
    No one suggested matching a .40 to 10mm. My comment was regarding a comparison of the MT .40 and a 10mm pistol, at that time, while shooting both side by side. Nothing more.

    My .38 Spl is way more powerful than your .357 Mag. :tongueout:
  6. My post was in no way aimed at you dm1906 or anything you wrote. In fact i read your comparison of the .40 MT & 10mm pistol clear as could be. But, I did read in this topic where someone had posted 1500, maybe 1600+ using a 180gr bullet from there experiences using a .40 with a 16" barrel. Maybe i read that out of context. You are right, there is no comparison between the two. 10mm always wins!!!!

    Would love to hear about this .38 spl you have that is way more powerful than a .357 mag though. :wow: Thats something i have never seen or heard of before.
  7. Cwlongshot


    May 31, 2011

    THANK YOU for the pic BG!!!

  8. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    Apr 13, 2004
    Wichita, KS
    Yes, thank you for the pic, BG! A little closer would be even better... :tongueout:

    And no, a .40SW will never safely equal a 10mm with full loadings... ever...

    And yes, I would like a MechTech unit for my G20sf ... badly. :-/
  9. ModGlock17


    Dec 18, 2010
  10. dm1906

    dm1906 Retired SO

    Sep 7, 2010
    PRK (Kalifornia)
    The mass of the chamber and bolt appears to be quite capable of handling any (otherwise) safe load. Chamber support appears to be as good as any aftermarket barrel.

    "Bursting" the Mech Tech isn't the concern. Bursting the case is. "Blow back" action is never "locked" into battery. Only spring tension holds the bolt/breach to the chamber. Spring weight/rate and bolt mass determines the extraction event and bolt velocity. If the powder is too slow for the conditions, pressure will still be rising during extraction, which can allow the case to be unsupported. This is bad. The spring weight/rate can be increased to compensate for heavier/slower loads, but it may prevent lighter loads from cycling properly. It's probably no big deal with the .40, as a 10mm spring can be substituted. The problem with the 10mm, if it becomes an issue, is it's already the heaviest of the options. A custom spring may be the solution. Perhaps a spring shim, or adding bolt mass, if the mechanics allow that. I dunno, it may be a non-issue. Just thinking ahead, based on past experience. I do know what 9mm +P does to a Sten, and it ain't pretty. .380 will balloon cases if the powder is too slow, even at very modest pressures.

    I wouldn't consider the "common" plated bullet options (Berry's, Ranier, Frontier). I can vaporize these at will. Perhaps one of the "heavy plated" options, like Hornady TMJ. Berry's off the shelf .40 bullets are a no-go, even at modest 10mm loading. Their .41M bullets do fine at very high velocities. A resized Berry's .41M bullet does very well in the 10mm, and as fast as I can push them with .38-40 (scary fast), but way too long for use in a .40 S&W.
  11. Any Cal.

    Any Cal.

    Oct 27, 2008
    So is the recoil considerably heavier than expected, due to the mass of the bolt? Some of the 9mm carbines (Uzi, Ruger) are really slow even with light loads due to the time the bolt spends riding back and forth. Is the Mech-Tech similar, due to the straight blow-back action?

    I know that even locked breech stuff recoils w/ pistol calibers, but it doesn't seem to move around so long. Any thoughts from somebody who has experience with any of these?
  12. Yondering


    Dec 3, 2011
    I think you just misunderstood my post. It was intended more like "If the .40 can do this, then the 10mm can do that". I've pushed a 180gr cast bullet to 1500fps out of a .40 S&W blowback carbine (not Mechtech), although that load was a bit too hot. Based on that, I was saying the 10mm Mechtech should do 1500 or 1600 fps with the same bullet.

    No drama intended here; I think we all know the difference between .40 and 10mm.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2012
  13. mscott


    May 28, 2005
    Central Ohio
    I have 3 of these things and got to say they are very fun. I use them for 3 gun matches since we don't have anything over 100 yards on most of the matches here. I got tired of moving things around and now have 2 dedicated frames for them. Here's a 9mm version somewhat customized.

    I've also been working on the bolt. I decided to flute one in an effort to shave weight and reduce friction inside the unit and maybe allow the use of lighter ammo.
  14. Brakeman


    Mar 24, 2011
    Chiming in here on pistol versus barrel length velocities (in reference to the MechTech 10). Recommend checking out this YouTube posting by
    drsjr1969 10mm ammo Ultimate test Glock 20 and Mech-tech

    In short, using a Shooting Chrony, he does a very nice job of comparing several factory loads from the standard 4.6" G20 to the Lone Wolf 6" to the MechTech 16" carbine...the results of which are very revealing for the high performance enthusiast! In short, plays out like this:

    Video shows testing of Glock G20 with 6" Lone Wolf barrel and the MechTech 16" Carbine using the following ammo:
    1. Underwood 135gr HP
    2. Georgia Arms 155gr HP
    3. Underwood 165gr HP
    4. Buffalo Bore 180gr HP

    Also shows velocity of the standard 4.6" Glock barrel as well:

    • 135gr Underwood
    4.6" Barrel: 1558fps
    6" Barrel: 1735fps (+175fps)
    16" Barrel: 2020fps (+462fps)
    • 155gr GA Arms
    4.6" Barrel: 1329fps
    6" Barrel: 1470fps (+140fps)
    16" Barrel: 1650fps (+321fps)
    • 165gr Underwood
    4.6" Barrel: 1361fps
    6" Barrel: 1485fps (+125fps)
    16" Barrel: 1695fps (+334fps)
    • 180gr BuffaloBore
    4.6" Barrel: 1327fps
    6" Barrel: 1452fps (+125fps)
    16" Barrel: 1565fps (+238fps)

    Now those are some very worthwhile numbers detailing a substantial improvement over the OE barrel. And yes, the MechTech uppers are hell-for-stout strong!

    If you've interest in a 10mm carbine, the MechTech is an excellent path to a very versatile multi-platform weapon system.

  15. drsjr1969

    drsjr1969 "10mm ammo" FB

    Mar 3, 2011
    Hey, thanks for posting about my info and linking my video.

    I wish more people would get the 10mm info out there to get people to see what there missing.

    Most under rated cartridge out there.

    "10mm ammo" find this page on Facebook
  16. Brakeman


    Mar 24, 2011
    Quick note out to those who own the MechTech Glock upper conversion unit; Did you find anything anomalous relative to your trigger movement and pull/release weight?
  17. blackgun556


    Sep 30, 2011
    the pull / release weight stayed the same but it did move the reset with my fulcrum trigger.
  18. G-nineteen


    Feb 12, 2009
    I just "discovered" the Mech Tech today. :wiggle:

    Is there any difference in the reliability of a Glock and one converted with this kit? Reliable enough for HD?

    Any other updates would be appreciated.

    Also, would this be legal in TX?
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2013
  19. Brakeman


    Mar 24, 2011
    Coming back to you here G-Nineteen;
    Mechanically and functionally, it operates like your familiar Glocks. With the lower receiver/frame corrected attached to the carbine upper, it locks on with a click that is tight with zero slop anywhere. On my G20 / 10mm, the only observation in that category I've noted is the feel of the trigger is a smidge heavier than my Glock (with a 3.5lb connector). I'm really a fan of the concept of this accessory, it's a terrific "accessory" for any Glock owner interested in a Glock carbine.
    As to your reliability question, frankly I've too few rounds through mine to report anything definitively as I got it a little more than a month ago. Time of year has made it difficult to get out and shoot it much, so I've not many rounds through it as of yet. That being said, hasn't stumbled once...

    Legality in TX? Can't imagine why it wouldn' in Kaliforistan, semi-auto carbines must be equipped with the PITA bullet-button type mag release.

  20. G-nineteen


    Feb 12, 2009