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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by blackgun556, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. nickE10mm

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    Is the OP's pictured stock the "M4" stock?

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  2. I was going out to the range I could take it out and see what I come up with. I looked threw my ammo stash and all I have is 1 box 155gr xtp but there loaded at 9.6 of power pistol. (10gr is max in my in my Hornady ) well that help any?

  3. Its not the one from mechtech but its close. I had it laying around so I just got the m4 adapter and used it.
  4. Sure, post up. That's a relatively light load (.6gr more powder in a bigger case volume), but I'd like to know.
  5. It's true that the Sub2000 has the feel of a toy gun. I'd taken the thing completely apart and polished trigger mechanism, so mine still has the long pre-travel while very buttery soft. That helps tighten grouping at 25 yards. However, about the only thing that has any weight to it, is the barrel piece. As a system, it is tough to steady a toy gun like firearm. I'd expect the .40 Sub2000 to be heavier than my 9mm. My 9mm Sub2000's real advantages are its lightness, fold-ability, and Walmart ammo availability.

    Mechtech, in contrast, seems to have more substance to handle a lot more powder in the 10mm. I'd expect the 10mm MechTech to be a heavier gun than other caliber MechTech conversions. I'd also expect that you can "test fire" the .40 in the 10mm conversion, just for a few rounds.

    My impression of MechTech advantages are its trigger would still be my G20 trigger, and my G20 ammo... With a lot more guidance down range from a hefty system. It would be the best long range 10mm conversion system at $500 ballpark, or long range 10mm system at $1000 with a handgun option, lot better than an AK-47 size wise to carry.
  6. This will be my next toy purchase!!!

    Been watching all I can find in uTube! I'm sold! Now to work out the extras, buy a couple four hi cap mags and find a dedicated lower as I want a carbine all the time + my G20!!!!

    Momma and I just bought new computers for each of us, so this will have to wait till next spring or so, but it's gonna happen!!!!! ;)
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  7. you well be happy with!!
  8. I've always found the mt to be very intriguing!
  9. How is the weight? Relatively light? Ive heard that these vibrate a lot and make a "twang" sound when the bolt cycles. Is that true? Im trying to decide whether to get one of these or sbr one of my glocks for use with a hera arms kit.
  10. drsjr1969

    drsjr1969 "10mm ammo" FB

    watch my mech tech youtube videos and tell me if you hear this "twang".

    I'm about ready to make another one on how much the bullet drops between 100 -200 yards. looking to take it with me to Wisconsin in Nov. for deer season.
  11. Has anyone used a G21 lower for a 10mm mechtech upper? Does it work?

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  12. dm1906

    dm1906 Retired SO

    Yeah, they "twang". My son has one for his G22/.40, and it twangs. Twangs like a Daisy Red Rider. He has 1000 rounds through it, and if that's the "worse" it gets, let'er twang!

    So far, it eats anything its fed. Dead-nuts accurate out to 150 yds. with factory power rounds. The red/green dot sight they sell is very effective.

    And the weight.... They're heavy out front. Heavier than other "black rifles". No problem though, punching out 30 rds at a time. Don't even notice the weight. You can slim it down some, if you pass on all the accessories hanging on the front (rails, light, etc.).
  13. dm1906

    dm1906 Retired SO

    They (Mechtech) say it will work, and it should. G20 and G21 frames are identical. The same is also true for other "like" frame platforms. The website lists acceptable compatibilities.
  14. There is a way to keep it "pistol" fellas. At least here in Michigan. UTG makes a folding stock adaptor. i think it is called the model 47 side folding adaptor. It was $20 shipped to my door. With this in use, the Mech Tech is under 30" in total length. It can also still be fired from the folded position. And barrel is 16". By Michigan law, im gonna wack and stack the deer with my registered Glock 20!!!!

    dm1906: Also i am curious as to what factory ammo you are using that is "dead nuts" out to 150 yards? I myself handload some very hot 180gr XTPs. It is dead nuts out to 100 for me all day long. At 150 it still throws one hell of a group. But it is low by about 6-7 inches. I have found the 10mm, as most pistol ammo does, drops pretty fast after 100 yards. I believe thats why people say pistol caliber carbines are good 100 yard guns. With correct hold over i have become very good out to 150.

    drsjr1969: I would be interested to see if your results from 150-200 yards are the same as mine. Please report.

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  15. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    I'm always concerned about the amount of excess slide-rail wear the upper would impart on my G20 frame.... and since I've not seen these in person, I don't really know how to answer my own question: does putting on- and taking off the upper take a lot of force? Is it a very tight fit? Do you think putting it on and taking it off could induce more than a normal amount of wear in these places? I'd hate to shoot this upper a lot and then change back to my stock G20 slide and find that its fit is even sloppier...

  16. In all honesty i have probably put as many rounds through my Mech Tech as anyone out there. Yes, that is a LOT! I actually could consider myself obsessed with it at times. When it comes to a 10mm Carbine, the Mech Tech is VERY hard to beat!!
  17. Almost forgot.... And i only speak of this for the Glock model Mech Techs, as i have never handled the 1911 version.

    But... with the glock models, there is no movement on the rails of the frame. It actually is held on by the rails and locked into place much like your slide, except the movement is all in the upper part of the Mech Tech itself. Imagine the upper of an AR-15 platform. Very similar. I believe this should help you to answer your question. If not sorry for the confusion. I tried... :supergrin:
  18. Nick, You and me, Bud. Tempted...

    I called and they said they have been quite busy.
  19. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    Thanks for the response, MichiGun and yes, Mod, yes..... :drool:
  20. dm1906

    dm1906 Retired SO

    No slide wear. As said above, once locked in, all the firing action is in the upper. The lock is against a hard rubber block, so it stays tight once locked. The Glock frame is only a feeder, handle and trigger. The "Glock Block" (fits over the locking block) is the ramp that feeds rounds to the chamber from the mag.

    My son's G22 was a police academy whore for years. Probably in the neighborhood of 30K+ rounds through it (just a guess, as it's probably a lot more than that). It's all original, slide is still tight, and it shoots as straight as any.

    Since he got his, the 10mm version made it to my short list....

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