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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by blackgun556, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. I got my 10mm Mech Tech CCU last week. It seems to be a very sound unit. I took it to the range and it shot great. took about 4 shots to dial in the eotech.
    It took my 180gr golden saber out of 5.2 barrel from 1250fps to 1420fps out of the 16.25fps. It is a blast to shoot. it even feed my my converted Asian Military 45acp mags with no problems. Now the only problem it the amount of ammo it goes threw. :wow:


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  3. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Very nice! Be careful with the para chord as it could intefere with mag seating...:shocked:

    I don't really like to give up the pistol while using the frame for the carbine...:dunno:

  4. Mongosafari

    Mongosafari El diablo verde

    Congrats. Mech Tech CCU's are great. I have the Glock 40 S&W because of ammo availability (issue).

    Mine now wears flip up AR front and rear sights in addition to the Vortex Strikefire.
    I liked how simple it was to dissassemble and clean the unit.

    I like the 550 cord wraps you tied on your.
  5. Angry Fist

    Angry Fist *******!!®
    Lifetime Member
    1. Glock Talk's Drunk Squad

    Cool setup. I like the paracord wrapped mags. :cool:

    Would you mind telling us about the mags and how you got them to work?
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  6. These MechTech units are great. I've got one of the old ones in 45 for a 1911 frame; it's one of my favorite guns to shoot. Really easy to rapid fire and stay on target. Of course the first thing I did to mine was get rid of the silly muzzle decoration (they don't even bother to call it a brake anymore). I'm thinking of getting another in 10mm for the G20 frame.

    On a side note, I recently picked up a Keltec Sub2000 in .40 for backpack carry, because it folds up, and should give about the same ballistics as a 10mm pistol. It's about the same price as the MechTech (mostly due to demand) but nowhere near as nice to shoot, or as accurate.
  7. wouldn't 1420fps kersplode a 180gr Golden Sabre?

  8. yes, please do tell us the method you used to make these asian military mags work. we have a thread about that very subject with no advice yet.
  9. 1420fps was the average, the high was 1447fps and they were in grouping in a 4" group at 40 yards so I say no

    Here is the link for the magazines.

    Thanks for the complements I can't wait to get out tomorrow and try to get gofer or a rabbit. :supergrin:
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  10. I ment from a terminal balistics standpoint.
    I thought the consensus was the "standard" 180gr GS is a fairly wimpy bullet when moved at even a really hot .40 velocity, lets say above 1150FPS
  11. PsTaN

    Nice .... can it be used without a rear stock? How's the accuracy?

    #10 PsTaN, Apr 28, 2012
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  12. Congrats! :cool:
  13. Yes, they can be used without the stock. That is the "base model" that they sell, the stock is extra, and there are several choices.

    I can't speak for the 10mm unit, but my 45 MechTech makes one ragged hole at 25 yards with the right ammo. The barrel did need some break-in time though, as the rifling was pretty sharp and didn't like lead bullets at first.

    The length and balance of these make them very fast handling too.

    I think I'm talking myself into a 10mm version.
  14. I only got about 100rd threw it but it seems to be pretty accurate.
    I found some of the Golden Sabre and they did retain there jackets. I had to dig them out of the dirt so they were pretty mangled. for the money this gun is the best bang for the buck. its a blast.
  15. PsTaN

    Interesting .... would make a nice 10mm long-barrel hunting pistol.

    #14 PsTaN, Apr 29, 2012
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  16. Interesting .... would make a nice 10mm long-barrel hunting pistol.


    you can order it in any configuration you would like. They even have a telestock.
    it only takes a min. and i can unscrew my stock and your ready to go.
    check it out!
  17. Pretty heavy for that though, and not balanced right to use a normal handgun grip style. They are pretty front heavy for a "pistol" configuration, but balance well with a buttstock, when you hold it like a rifle.

    If you are limited by hunting restrictions to using 10mm in a pistol but not a rifle, this could work well though. I'd want an extension out the back in place of the stock, for a cheek weld to help line up the sights, like shooting a pistol AR with a buffer tube.
    #16 Yondering, Apr 29, 2012
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  18. Mongosafari

    Mongosafari El diablo verde

    I must agree, it would be an aquward pistol but makes a very nice pictol caliber carbine. The weight may surprise you a bit- it is built SOLID and rugged.

    I was considering using it from a tree stand on a deer but my 44 Mag lever gun has more punch and my old woods gun a 35 Rem lever gun has evem more energy.

    If I was king, I would have ONE custom made in 44 Auto-Magnum.
  19. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    You owe me a new keyboard

    Oh, and to the OP.... I MUST own one of these. Next on the list? Maybe so.
    #18 nickE10mm, Apr 30, 2012
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  20. I've got a Sub-2000, too. Its folding capability allows it to go inside a computer softcase. About 2-3" groups at 25 yrds for 9mm ammo.

    The MechTech is on my horizon. I just wish the 10mm bullet profile is better geared for a longer and accurate flight than a handgun range.
  21. Now that I've shot my Sub2000 more, I can say the MechTech is definitely more accurate. As a rough estimate, I'd say my MechTech has about the same accuracy at 75 yards as my Sub2000 does at 25 yards. There is a noticeable difference in weight too; the MechTech is much heavier and solid feeling.

    Also of possible interest - the Sub2000 with it's 16" barrel in .40 S&W produces almost identical ballistics to my 6.6" 10mm G20 longslide. My 160gr cast hollow points, with 40 S&W book loads (9.0gr Power Pistol, book max is 9.2) do 1650 fps in the little Keltec, and 1550 fps with a 155gr JHP and the same load. I'd like to see what could be done with comparable 10mm loads in the MechTech.
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