Got Pulled Over Last Night

Discussion in 'Okie Glockers' started by splitfinger09, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. I am currently waiting for my handgun license. I submitted my application to the sheriffs office about a month ago. Last night I was pulled over and cited for "improper turn." Will this in any way hinder or deny my application? I was pulled over in Bartlesville, but I live in Broken Arrow.

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  3. No, it shouldn't have any effect on it.

    Or at least down here it wouldn't.

  4. jtischauser

    jtischauser 3-Gun Natio Pro

    You can still get traffic tickets and carry a gun.
  5. Go to court, beg forgiveness, throw yourself on the mercy of the court, plead guilty and ask for a deferred sentence.
    At least it won't go on your traffic record.
    And Jesse's right, you can still get tickets and carry.
  6. as long as you didn't go crazy, I wouldn't think of it again.

    Man I love your town! Great things there :)
  7. haha yeah I just payed the ticket. $124!!! Didnt bother with court. Im on about day 37 now. Patiently waiting.

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