Got a great deal on a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 :)

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by bac1023, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. I wasn't exactly looking for one, but I stopped by a local shop today and it had just come in. It was bought the week before by a local chief of police who put a box of ammo through it and decided it was too small to shoot comfortably. I have smaller hands and it fits me fine. I can't wait to try it out. :)

    I got it for $395 out the door with box, papers, and extra mag. I do a great deal of business in the shop and they gave me a nice deal considering what these are going for right now. Like I said, I wasn't really looking for one, so if the price wasn't right, I would have passed. Its not my typical style, but I may use it for summer carry.

    Any thoughts on the Shield?

    Sorry for the lousy pics. I took them in poor lighting. :embarassed:





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  3. I guess what they say is true. Everything does look better on that carpet! Not having handled one, my only complaint is S&W's stupid caution printing on the slide. I hate seeing that but I think it's more tolerable on a Shield than a 1911.

    I've been thinking about getting one and for that price, I wouldn't have passed it up either. Let us know how it shoots.

  4. Yeah, the warning label sucks, but I never worry about that sort of thing on polymer guns.

    I'll take some better pics later in the week. :cool:
  5. Nice! Excellent gun you got there and awesome price. I sold mine and bought a XDs, I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it. I have been hunting them down for friends lately with great success.

    I am really thinking about getting another one for summer carry. This is where I believe the shield shined. Just need to figure out how to shoot it!

    Anyways, awesome price you got and hope enjoy it!

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  6. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Ban Democrats!!

    Of course you got a Shield.....everyone else in the country can't get one, but leave it to bac to stumble into a great deal:supergrin:

    Congrats!:wavey: My wife wants one as soon as I can find one for her.

  7. I have not shot the Shield yet but I have owned a couple of full size M&P's. My son shot well with the 9mm and it went home with him. I now have a .45 ACP and it is a great shooter.
  8. Very cool

    I like the entire M&P line, actually.
  9. Will Beararms

    Millennium Member

    Well done
  10. Nice find. I can't seem to get one locally and when I do find one in stock it is for $550+

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  11. I'm seeing bids in Gunbroker of over $600. That's nuts.
  12. For $395 I'd get a 2nd :wavey:

    Love mine.
    [ame=""]Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm Review (HD) - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Yikes! They have been trickling in around here at 429+tax. NE Ohio.

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  14. Gunbroker bidding wars can drive up prices.
  15. Very nice! I got one before the panic and I love it. I'm not necessarily a big fan of polymer guns but it's quickly become my favorite carry gun. I really like the Crossbreed Qwik Clip for carrying it. I've found that the extended mags don't make it any less concealable for me and are a little easier to shoot with.
  16. I like mine alot. It seemed to become very familiar and comfortable very quickly. I hope you enjoy yours and if you do not, you certainly would be able to sell it at no loss in no time.

  17. Thanks Bruce
  18. hoghunter82

    hoghunter82 FL Glocker #182

    I absolutely love my Shield 9. If you ever plan on carrying it you gotta check out PJ Holster kydex. Fits like a glove and ultra comfortable. I find the trigger on the Shield to be the best of the M&P line by far. It's the most reliable "small" polymer pistol I've owned. I know you own an armory of guns but I feel the Shield earns the right to be in your collection.

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  19. I haven't changed my carry gun rotation in years now.

    It usually my Kimber CDP II and occasionally my G33. I almost always have my P3AT as a BUG or at times my only gun.

    The Shield gives me another option.
  20. I just purchased one for my wife for her carry gun. She just got her permit and hated everything I had to offer her to carry.

    She will shoot anything full size including magnums. Scale the size down and she just plain didn't like it.

    I tried to explain its not a range gun blah blah. Nothing worked.

    She held a Kahr CM9 at the local show and she said she liked it but I really had my doubts. So I go to the local shop to get one and surprise her with one.

    Long story short they had a Shield sitting there. I fondled one of the first runs and thought ok and then they dried up.

    I felt with the 8 rounder she would shoot it. Full grip. So I buy it.

    Shot it Sunday and she (and I) really like it. She prefers the shorter mag. Go figure. She even said it had a "nice" recoil for the size. I agree.

    O ly malfunction was a light primer strike on WWB on the first mag. I reloaded the round with the same result. I'm calling ammo failure. Other than that it was great. Great to shoot.

    You should be happy with it. We are.

    If she didn't like it it was going to be mine. Dangit! Lol
  21. Great to hear

    Thanks :cool:

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