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got a gps question

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by lethal tupperwa, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. lethal tupperwa

    lethal tupperwa

    Aug 20, 2002
    n old magellan pioneer won't lock on satalites any more.

    It just hunts.

    It has been reinitalized over and over it shows where the birds should be but can not lock on.

    Any thoughts?
  2. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon
    Tried new batteries?

    Is it possible the housing was struck or possibly doused in water?

    If you are feeling bold, you could crack the case and make sure the lead from the antenna to the PCB is solid.

    Other than that, I'm not sure what else to try.

  3. Toyman


    May 6, 2003
    West Michigan
  4. lomfs24


    Apr 19, 2003
    Now, there's a work you don't hear very often.

    As far as the GPS question. I would try it outside with a clear view of the sky. If that doesn't work I would say the antenna took a shot. Might have to leave it on outside for a while. Mine (an old one)will take about 2 hours to initialize if I have left it off for several months.
  5. Sounds like you need to update the firmware and reinitialize.Save your base maps as you will lose them.Here are some instuctions.


    This document describes the procedures to download and upload basemaps
    to and from the MAP330. Some working knowledge about the windows
    enviroment and the MAP330 is assumed.

    These procedures must be used at your own risk. I assume no
    responsibility of
    any kind. Please take your time to carefully read through all
    instructions and
    make sure you understand them before using them.


    Setup of the MAP330

    1. Connect the MAP330 to the PC.

    2. Switch the MAP330 on, make sure that the battery life indicator is
    50%, and turn off the NMEA output (Menu > Setup > NMEA > Off).

    3. Set the baudrate to the desired value (any value will do, but
    that the PC should be set at the same baudrate, see below).
    If too many errors occur, the baudrate can be reduced, but then it
    much more time to download (with 115200 bps it takes about 15

    Setup of the PC

    1. Create a text file containing the following lines
    (Copying & Pasting this text into Notepad will do):


    Don't forget the carriage returns at the end of each command. The
    contains the commands to let the MAP330 show the available files in
    the unit
    and transmit the file FIRSTMAP.DAT (which is the basemap). The
    structure is taken from the Data Transmission Protocol for Magellan
    Version 2.5. If you add some extra $PMGNCMD,FIL,NEXT*1A lines, you
    get to see
    all the files (for example the detailed maps). If you only want to
    get a file
    listing, without downloading, then just leave out the last line with
    DOWNLOAD command.

    2. Start Hyperterminal: Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications

    3. Make a new connection (or open the saved connection from a previous
    and go to step 8).

    4. Connect Using: Direct to Com1 (or Com2, whatever Com port your
    MAP330 is
    connected to). Click OK.

    5. Port settings: Bits per second: equal to MAP330 setting
    Data bits: 8
    Parity: None
    Stop bits: 1
    Flow control: None

    6. On the advanced button you can adjust the receive and transmit
    (putting both buffers on Low should be fine). Click OK.

    7. Now click the Disconnect icon to stop the communication between
    Hyperterminal and the MAP330 at this point, as we first need to
    some other communication settings. Some of these settings may not be
    relevant at all, others are very relevant. Anyway, the settings
    below have
    proven to work and so are listed here. In Hyperterminal, click the
    icon and choose the Setting Tab.
    Keys act as: Windows-keys
    backspace key sends: CTRL+H
    Emulation: Autodetect
    Telnet terminal: ANSII
    Backscroll buffer lines: 500
    Next, Click ASCII:
    Check 'Send line ends with line feeds'
    (this one is very relevant!)
    Check 'Echo typed characters locally'
    Set both delays to 0 milliseconds
    Check 'Append line feeds to incoming line ends'
    Uncheck 'Force incoming data to 7-bit ASCII'
    Check 'Wrap lines that exceed terminal width'
    Click OK twice to close the two windows

    8. Now connect to the MAP330 (click on the Call icon) and go to
    Transfer >
    Send Text File, selecting the text file that was created in step 1.

    9. The unit should now respond with a directory listing of the internal
    file system and you should also see the file FIRSTMAP.DAT. The last
    sentence of the response of the unit should be $PMGNCMD,END*3D.

    10.Go to Transfer > Receive File, and select the 1K Xmodem protocol.
    After that, name the basemap file that you will be receiving
    (I recommend using the same suffix as Magellan uses:.img)

    11.The file transfer should start now, and progress can be monitored
    a baudrate of 115200, it takes about 15 minutes).

    That's it! When the download is finished you will have a basemap file
    (8 MB)
    that can be uploaded to the unit, using magup.exe (the magup.exe
    program comes
    with the version upgrade 1.56 or 2.04).


    Setup of the MAP330

    1. Connect the MAP330 to the PC.

    2. Switch the MAP330 on to make sure that the battery life indicator is
    50%, modify the baudrate if you want to, and then switch off the

    3. Press NAV and MARK/GOTO simultaneously while switching on the

    4. A small rectangle appears, put in the number 95 (using the cursor
    keys) and
    press ENTER. Select Yes and press ENTER. This will delete the
    The unit will also switch off automatically.

    5. Once again press NAV and MARK/GOTO simultaneously while switching on
    MAP330. In some cases, the unit will display the following message:
    That's OK, just leave it there. If it displays the small rectangle
    instead, put in the number 98, and press ENTER. Select basemap

    Setup of the PC

    1. Start magup.exe (this program comes with the
    version upgrade package 1.56 or 2.04).

    2. Answer NO to the next question (Proceed with software upload?)

    3. File > Select Database File, and select the basemap file that
    you want to upload.

    4. Expert > Expert Upload 'On'. You may also want to choose one of
    the non-standard baudrates here (equal to MAP330 setting). Click OK.

    5. Upload > OK > choose 'Base Map Only' > Check 'Upload File'

    6. Now uploading will start. With 115200 bps, this will take
    approximately 30 minutes.

    That's it! When the upload is finished you will again have your basemap
    in the MAP330. Your unit may need initialization.