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Got 4th of July Plans? Why not shoot the IDPA match @ Silvercreek

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by TreehugginGlock, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. :patriot:

    Don't want to travel cross country to visit the relatives? Or got relatives in town and need to entertain them while the picnic meal is being prepared? Well, come on out to Sellersburg, Indiana, and excercise your constitutional right to bear arms at the IDPA monthly match.

    Yes, we are holding our IDPA match on the 4th of July (Saturday morning). Registration starts at 9am, new shooter orientation is 9:30, shooters meeting at 10am, match will begin asap after shooters meeting so we can beat the heat. Course of fire will have a minimum round count under 80 rounds. If everything goes smoothly, we should be done by 12:30 or 1 o'clock which will leave you plenty of time to get back to the family to fire up the grill so you can show off your other skills.

    Need more information or directions to the match? go to

    Not an IDPA member? That's okay. You can shoot your first match with us without joining, but we also have application forms at the range. If it's your second time, you can join there and still shoot the match. IDPA membership fees are $40. Match fees are $18 for non-Silvercreek members and $15 for Silvercreek members. If you SO the match, you get to shoot for free. Let me know if you would like to volunteer to be an SO.

    Ok folks. Start negotiations with the better half now. Hope to see all my regulars and all their friends and relatives, too.

    Leigh Ann Jeter :patriot:
    IDPA Match Director
    Silvercreek Conservation Club
    Sellersburg, Indiana


  2. 502


    Jun 28, 2009
    How far is Sellersburg from Owensboro, KY. Would love to shoot at your match.
  3. It's about 2 hours. If you bring some of your friends with you, it makes the trip a lot more fun. We'd love to have you join us. Hope you can make it.

    For more specific directions go to
  4. wprebeck

    wprebeck Got quacks?

    Oct 20, 2002
    Mm..looks like heaven
    I'd love to come and shoot. But, I have no childcare for the kids (one is too young to bring to the range), and it's supposed to thunderstorm most of the day.
  5. Sorry to hear you will not be able to join us.

    However, as for the weather, regardless of what weatherperson you are listening to, they are all saying scattered showers chance. We will be shooting rain or shine, but I'm hoping for shine or at least dry until we're done and packed away. Beside, I hear the bigger chance is in the evening, anyway. We should be done by 1pm.
  6. Berretta9


    Feb 22, 2005
    Louisville, Ky.
    So how did it go ?? Did you get it in before the rain ??
  7. Amazing turn out! 39 shooters!!!! :wow:

    With the help of the SO's and shooters, we were able to get everyone scored and the stages broken down with only a few sprinkles hitting our heads. As soon as everyone left, though, we got the rain. It was a 4th of July miracle! :faint:

    I'm currently working on the scores and will try to have them posted by either late this evening or in the morning.

    Thank you to everyone that made this match possible.