Goodbye Fulton GSSF Match

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by 9mmdude, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. shadow_dog

    shadow_dog Hilljack

    I had no desire to go to the New York match before this because of the state laws around carry/transport issue. I damn sure won't go there now, no matter what. I figured GSSF would cancel the match and maybe give it to someone else.

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  2. njl


    Additionally, unless Glock decides to make another flavor (7-round) of "AWB mag", GSSF winners in NY would be limited to Glock models that come with 7-round or fewer mags. What's that...the 36 and 39? Or maybe you could choose another model, but the FFL handling the transfer would have to keep or dispose of your new pistol's mags...and hopefully you already have some grandfathered in ones.

  3. GSSF should continue this "Empire State" match just to spit in Emperor Andrew the First's eye.

    GSSF does have the MajorSub CoF.

    They could just have everyone shoot the MajorSub CoF, with the guns they use in the various divisions. Just limited to 7 rounds instead of the normal 11 loaded.

    This would result in a single set of "MajorSubized" results.

    It is my understanding that the GSSF scoring database outputs scores in an Excel Spreadsheet format.

    If so, the "MajorSub-ized" scores could then be sorted manually into the various Divisions, and the winners determined thereby.

    It is a brute force solution, but I think it is doable, legal, and the match would not have to be cancelled.

  4. I have read the bill multiple times and the only thing that would stop. Glock from running the match is if they decide not to"risk" running it for some legal reason - meaning they are told by corporate counsel not to.
    Per the bill, page 20 of the printed bill there are a lot of or's in the wording meaning use possession and a full 10 round capacity in a mag is allowed in:
    Indoor or out door range ( this is a long sentence but essentially means any gun/ shooting club
    At a collegiate Olympic or target shooting competition under the auspices of or approved by the NRA

    So the fact the gssf match is an NRA approved special tournament the only thing that changes is ( and the bill is so poorly written there is even debate about this!) not bringing mags over 10 round cap.
    Just so everyone understands - this is Andy's version of sensible-
    I can shoot and carry 11 rounds (10+1) at a range shooting at paper or steel but only 8+1 in the gun when I carry to defend my home family and self
  5. I spoke with GSSF and they want to have the Fulton Match this year, and are working hard to keep it on the schedule. Stay tuned.....

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  6. I have already crossed N.Y. off my list of GSSF matches. Too many restrictions and legal hoops to jump through (even though I am an out of state LEO). The way I see it the people of New York "got what they bought" at the polls and can now live with it... without my tourist dollars. That goes for the Rotten Apple and Buffalo (Niagra Fallls) too.
  7. That is good to hear. Hopefully GSSF matches will fall under the exception for sporting events.
  8. Well, if everything is limited to 7 rounds, at least they'll finally be enough shooters in MajSub for a first place pistol. :faint:
  9. See my #23.

    Everyone will have to shoot the Majorsubcompact, 7 rounds loaded, shoot every paper target only once, course of fire.

    But, GSSF should be able to split the results into the various Divisions manually.

    A PITA, but doable.

  10. I believe there is a provision in the law exempting NRA sanctioned competitions from the seven round rule. This should mean we can load up ten at the match and only at the match.GSSF is NRA sanctioned match.

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  11. Yes, but can the 10-round mags be brought into the state?

    And if they can, can they accidentally be left behind when you leave?

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  12. njl


    My understanding of the rule is that they can no longer be bought/sold in-state, but you can keep your 10-round mags, probably travel into and out of the republic of NY with them, but don't pre-load them with more than 7 rounds. At the range, they can be loaded and used with 10 rounds.

    OTOH, after reading the actual text of the law again, I'd say it's sufficiently confusing and/or poorly written that it looks like just being in possession of 10 round mags may be a misdemeanor, and personally, I wouldn't travel into NY with firearms until the law is challenged and overturned.
  13. If you have crossed the Fulton match off your list, you are doing EXACTLY what Emporer Andrew Cuomo wants you to do. :dunno:

    If I lived up that way, I would make it a point to do the match just to spite the bahstad.
  14. And try not to spend a nickel in that state while I was there! :steamed:

  15. If I lived there I would be looking for a new job and making plans to move instead of surfing gt at lunch with my phone.

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  16. njl


    Perhaps, but you should also send him a note that instead of the trip to NY that you would have done, you're going to spend your time and $ in Vegas instead.
  17. And he will probably reply that he doesn't care and then just raise taxes on the people still there. That's what they do here in California! :faint: :crying:

  18. Better yet, arrange to come to the match & not spend a single dime while in NYS.

    Fill up before you cross the border. Bring your own bag lunch & drinks. Shoot the match. Then cross back across the border before refilling or buying more food/drink.

    THEN send Emporer Andrew a note that you came into his Empire (State), shot a match, and did not spend a single dime within his realm.

  19. ImpeachObama

    ImpeachObama Fuhgettaboutit

    Keep in mind, seven rounds in the mag, ONE IN THE CHAMBER!!
    Legally we can get away with 8 rounds. No one has mentioned this that I know of.
  20. njl



    Yes...but you have to use a Barney mag to do it, because at no time (other than when at the range or a sanctioned event) are you allowed all 8 in one mag.

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