Good source for IV fluids, anybody know one

Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by Dalton Wayne, Jan 16, 2013.

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    As many of you know I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic/Police officer, retired working on building back up my kit, so far I can intubate, do chest decompression, Emergency tracheotomy, suture, I have Quick clot, Israeli bandage several, cat tourniquet. IV supplies.
    However can't locate a good source for ringers, D5W, or normal saline, If I still lived in Michigan I could get them from where I retired from.
    I want to be able to have a top notch blow out kit, I can do everything field medics in the military can do I even have prescription pain med's in my kit.
    Anyone have a source for IV fluids.

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    Not really. I have problems getting bags from my service. If I recall correctly they are considered prescription so that limits on buying them from a catalog.

  4. Not without a drug license. What are you planning on using this kit for?
  5. Get some hextend if you can find it. Great for massive hemorage and evac times of up to 8 hours. No leads on where to get it though. Good luck.
  6. Our ordering purchase system considers it by prescription only as well... you could try hooking up with a local CERT/ERT/whatever goes for a disaster response team in your area and see if they need a medic. If they have one they should have a medical director (and if they don't they can get one) and you're in business. Not the easiest way, but it's the legal way (most of the members I met keep their gear with them, so you'd have access if needed).

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