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Good glock deals in Southern Caliornia.

Discussion in 'California Glockers' started by JonathanJohnson, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Are there any? I work pretty much all the time and don't really have time to drive around to each store looking for deals. I'm looking for a g26 specifically.

    What's the best I can expect price wise? And where?

  2. ArkinDomino

    ArkinDomino Registered Dude

    Sep 5, 2007
    Los Angeles
    "Once a Pawn a Time", a pawn shop in glendale, has some of the best deals around for glocks. I bought my G19 there a couple years ago for about $600 OTD. You could always order online and find a decent FFL though. Good luck.

  3. Yeah I have considered that option. I have heard good things about Ades gun shop in Orange for his FFL. Apparently he's the guy to go to for lowers, and he doesn't charge too much as a transfer.

    Anyway, I purchased my 19 from turners about 5 or 6 years ago, and checking the sight today I see that the g22 and g23 are on sale for 519.99. I'm off from work tomorrow so I am gonna try a few shops. I'll keep everyone posted should I find any deals.

  4. So Friday I went to Turners, Fowlers, then Ades gun shops in that order.

    Turners was okay. They didn't have any 26's in stock, just a 27 and some other full size Glocks. Prices were 569.00 for the ones they had in stock. Next to Fowlers.

    Fowlers pretty much sucked. The workers there decided the would rather talk amongst themselves then help a customer. They did have a bunch of Glocks in stock but the prices weren't visible and I couldn't get any service. I just decided to go elsewhere.

    Next I went to Ades gunshop. As soon as I walked in I was recognized as a customer and asked if I needed any help. They had just received a new 26 in stock the day before. It was going for 549.00 Not the greatest price in the world, but good enough. I was tired of waiting for a PPT so I purchased it. Also got all the info on his FFL fees. Out of state FFL fees are $45 plus $25 DROS. Better than Turners.
  5. vqv123


    Apr 7, 2008
    bain and davis in san gabriel
  6. PicardMD

    PicardMD Make It So!!

    Feb 16, 2002
    Star Fleet Medical...

    I agree Turners is OK. Need to look at their sales ads. They get LE trade-in's from time to time... at least they did. For large chains, they tend to have some of the more reasonable prices around.
  7. You might try or Davidson's Gallery of Guns. Buying online has been MUCH cheaper for me lately. I saved $100 on a Springfield XD45 and $250 on a Springfield SOCOM 16. You'll have the out of state DROS fees, but I still saved some change. But to REALLY rub it in... Second Amendment Sports in Bakersfield is a Glock LE dealer and I get any Glock in the store for $399 WITH 3 high cap mags. I've bought several from them and couldn't be happier. With my LE letter I get to take them home right then too! Over the last couple of years I've snagged a G23, G21, G30 and a G22. Next to the paycheck, that's the BEST benefit of being in law enforcement.
  8. Glock_XXI


    Apr 4, 2007
    Ade is the man!! He has the best prices in OC on all kinds of stuff. The Ammo Bros in Cerritos have good prices on Glock's every now and again.

    I have never seen Turner's get police trade in Glock's. They do get police trade in Sig's (225/P6) sometimes. If you watch their weekely sale ads they have "good" prices for Glocks occasionally. I bought my G19 from them last year for 499 iirc.